Volkswagen Park Assist (Automatic Parallel Parking)

Wednesday January 11, 2017
Discover Volkswagen's Park Assist system. Parking made easy!

Now standard equipment right across the new Tiguan range, Volkswagen's Park Assist is a system that automatically parks your car, whether parallel parking or reverse 90 degree parking. 

Incorporating automatic steering control, parking sensors, and Volkswagen's advanced reverse camera, Park Assist is so easy and convenient to use that even veteran drivers will find themselves switching to it! 

To demonstrate, Mark and Ash headed out in Christchurch with the new Tiguan (this one's the 'entry level' TSI 2WD model at $41,990 plus ORC) and a camera to snap some footage. Check out the video or, if you have any questions or would like a demonstration in person, please do contact our team. 

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