The Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brings you the mighty Volkswagen Amarok. This mid-size pickup is described as the thinking man's ute. With the launch of the new Amarok V6 TDI, this model demonstrates an incredible 550 Nm torque, making it the most powerful ute in its class. 

Introduced as a concept under the title of 'Volkswagen Robust Pick-Up', the Amarok officially began production in late 2009 and is designed to provide strong competition to other utes such as the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and Mitsubishi Triton.

With more and more trade people in Christchurch trying to stand out from the crowd, the Amarok is more than a viable contender for businesses wishing to make an impact.

Volkswagen Amarok Interior

An Intelligent Ute for a Life with Challenges

Demanding jobs around the farm call for a vehicle with smart power management. Volkswagen designed the Amarok to provide this in spades - with 4MOTION all-wheel drive (now as standard across the range) with high/low ratio and heavy-duty leaf springs, the Amarok is tough enough to handle a load of up to one tonne whilst being clever enough to negotiate tough terrain like you're on a Sunday drive around town.

"Few people realise that more 4WD utes on the market are only so when you actively engage the 4WD system. This is fine off-road, however full-time 4WD provides some significant handling, safety and towing advantages on the road."

Particular attention was made to ensuring the Amarok retained a smaller turning circle. This not only helps when it comes to navigating tricky terrain off-road, but also improves manoeuverability and safety when driving around Christchurch's tighter residential streets.

The Amarok can be equipped with a rubberised floor and wipe-clean seats to help keep your truck looking good even on the messiest construction site or the muddiest off-road terrain.

In late-2016 the new model Amarok was released, building on the already impressive model, becoming the only ute in New Zealand with a V6 TDI engine. It has redefined all aspects of a premium lifestyle vehicle.

The Amarok combines everything that you'd expect from an exclusive, premium-class all-rounder: masculine design and robust construction along with plenty of power.

A new look with impressive DNA

The powerful impression the Amarok makes is underscored by a more athletic-looking front end, and an all new dashboard and new ergonomic seats. In addition, the model's design has the current Volkswagen DNA written all over it. With a length of 5.25 metres and a width of 2.23 metres (mirrors included), the Amarok delivers everything one would expect from a classic pickup.

The new Amarok provides a convincing combination of space and first class comfort. The interior cockpit features the new dash panel with a new decorative trim and A4 format storage compartments on selected models. Additionally, all models include a leather-covered multifunction steering wheel which is also height and reach adjustable.

Now with a V6 under the hood

The Amarok's redesigned radiator grille features a V6 logo resembling the latest generation six-cylinder engine delivering sufficient propulsive power and torque performance. Its top of the line engine delivers 550Nm of torque and has an output of 165kW / 224PS. What's more, the powerful six-cylinder engine produces its maximum torque at only 1,500 rpm.

More choice with 2 and 3 litre engines

The engine is designed to be robust and long-lasting. The 3.0L TDI engine (with 2,947 cubic cm displacement) offering 550Nm with the innovative 8-Speed Auto Transmission and extended service intervals. This will sit alongside the existing 2.0L 420Nm powertrain which will remain a core part of the Amarok line up.

Go Anywhere

100% incline, 50 degree gradient and outstanding off-road ABS. 

Asphalt, earth, gravel. In the new Amarok you will experience the pinnacle of exclusive driving comfort on almost any terrain. It combines high ground clearance with the best body stability along with the proven 4MOTION all-wheel drive. This vehicle also comes into its own on the road, for example, by significantly increasing traction when cornering.

Volkswagen Amarok Interior

Amarok Features

Features of the Volkswagen Amarok include:

  • 4MOTION all-wheel drive for superior traction
  • Off-Road ABS
  • Payload of up to one tonne
  • High-grade, safe interior
  • Huge service intervals

New Amarok V6 in action

Impressive on and off-road. The Amarok with a V6 engine combines everything that you'd expect from an exclusive, premium-class all-rounder: a masculine design, robust construction along with plenty of power. 

John Frear, the Head of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, got the very first drive over in Germany. Check out the action in the video below.

The V6 in the making

Check out the below production video from the Volkswagen factory in Hannover, Germany. This gives a rare insight at the extensive production lines which have worked to bring the V6 Amarok to New Zealand. General Manager of Volkswagen New Zealand, Tom Ruddenklau, talks about the majestic six-cylinder engine, brakes, suspension and more.



View the below video that we put together following a 'drive day' with NZ 4x4 Professional, Pete Ritchie.


Volkswagen Amarok OffRoad