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I would like a service for my vehicle (add any comments below).

I would like a WOF inspection for my vehicle.

I would like a loan vehicle, if available.

I would like to add Roadside Assistance for $20, if applicable

Would you like info on any add-on options?

  • Safety Inspection
  • Air Conditioning Inspection
  • Pollen Filter
  • Battery Test/New Battery
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Fuel Cleaner
  • Fuel Injector Clean
  • Fluid top-up (coolant, washer with cleaner, power steering, brake fluid, transmission fluid)
  • Power Steering Flush and Refill
  • Engine Coolant Flush and Refill
  • Transmission Fluid Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Flush and Refill
  • Differential Fluid Exchange