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ŠKODA and Cycling

Cycling has been a part of ŠKODA since the company was established, with ŠKODA originally starting out as a bicycle manufacturer in 1895.

ŠKODA Tour de France

ŠKODA is now the official partner of some of the biggest cycling events in the world, including the Tour de France.

Team ŠKODA Cyclists

About Team ŠKODA

Being part of a cycling race is an awesome feeling; a feeling which is amplified when shared with friends. Join Team ŠKODA and experience some of New Zealand’s biggest races amongst a team of supportive and like-minded people.

It doesn’t matter what cycling level you are – whether you’ll be up the road in the breakaway, conserving your energy in the bunch or yo-yoing off the back of it – there’s a welcome place for you in our team.

Who can join?

You don’t have to be a pro cyclist or even own a ŠKODA vehicle to join – just a keen cyclist!

Team ŠKODA Benefits

When signing up to Team ŠKODA, you’ll receive four exclusive membership benefits! These include:

  • Expert Advice: We’ll send you exclusive tips from our Cycling Ambassadors on improving your training, race-day preparation and nutrition.
  • Exclusive Invitations: With the likes of twice-World Champion Ali Shanks as our ŠKODA ambassador and the Team ŠKODA Racing team, you can look forward to exclusive get-togethers featuring elite cyclists
  • Team Training: Bunch riders are an essential part of building up your fitness and technique before your next race. We’ll be organising rides that leave from and return to Miles Continental, to prepare you for race day (or just for fun!)
  • Race with ŠKODA: We’ll be inviting members to race with us as a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider at events across the country. As well as being part of the team, Accredited Riders will receive a free ŠKODA cycling jersey and special treatment on race day.

Once a member of Team ŠKODA, you’ll be invited to become a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider at races around the country.

And when you ride with us as a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider, you’ll receive:

  • A free ŠKODA cycling jersey to wear at the race
  • Discounted race entry (where possible)
  • Refreshments and special treatment in the Team ŠKODA tent on race day

Races we’ve participated in include…

Team ŠKODA Races


Does it cost money to be part of Team ŠKODA?

It is completely free to be part of Team ŠKODA, but members will have to pay the event entry fee to become a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider and race with Team ŠKODA.

Do you have to own a ŠKODA to be part of Team ŠKODA?

Absolutely not.

Do you have to take part in any of the races?

No, there is no obligation to take part in any of the races that ŠKODA are participating in. But if you don’t race as a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider in one of the events, you won’t get a free ŠKODA Cycling jersey.

Do I have to be a Team ŠKODA member before I can apply to be a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider?

Yes. When you become a Team ŠKODA member you will be given a unique membership code. You will need to enter this code to get access to the Team ŠKODA event microsite and register to become an Accredited Rider for that event.

What if I change my mind and I don’t want to be a part of Team ŠKODA anymore?

You can leave Team ŠKODA at any time – just let us know and we will remove your details from our membership group.

Can I participate in more than one event as a Team ŠKODA Accredited Rider?

Yes, Team ŠKODA Members can participate in as many events as they like, but they will only receive one free jersey. They will be able to take advantage of the discounted entry fees and access to the ŠKODA Tent an unlimited amount of times, as long as they have got a place as an Accredited Rider for that event.