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Our Environmental Initiatives

Small changes to show we’re doing our bit for the planet.

We know we’re a part of the problem. 

But we are striving to be a part of the solution. It’s no secret that the motor industry is tough on the environment. From vehicle emissions to supply chain waste, vehicles and their production are taxing on the world around us. 

As we look to the future, we know we can help make small, impactful changes in the motor industry. We’re proud to stand behind Volkswagen and its green initiatives and work hard to make our dealership environmentally friendly. Take a look at what we’re doing today to make a brighter future tomorrow. 

Electric Scooter parked on a city street.

Electric Scooters

We’ve swapped out short vehicle trips with electric scooter rides. Our staff use these scooters for trips around the city to fetch cars from different locations, cutting down on vehicle emissions.

Green recycling bin sitting in front of a line of trees.


We have a strong recycling culture at Miles Continental. From recycling parts boxes to keeping recepticles in the showroom for paper, water bottles, and more, we are able to keep on top of our waste management and offer a sustainable solution for our trash.

Plastic gloved hand spraying a bottle at a car door handle.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

We’ve swapped out our traditional cleaning products to those that are environmentally friendly. We use these to tidy up our kitchen space, wipe down surfaces, and even clean vehicle interiors.

Battery Recycling

We partner with the local MetalMan, who visits Miles Continental to pick up dead batteries and other scraps for recycling. The team at MetalMan ensure that all products are responsibly recycled, giving our products a second life.

Large yellow freight truck driving down an open Australian highway.

Bulk Freight

Instead of shipping everything we need from afar adhoc, we wait until we have a bulk shipment before sending it down to Christchurch. This helps us avoid wasteful travel and emissions via freight.

Woman pouring oat milk into a coffee

Recyclable Coffee Cups + Oat Milk

We use biodegradable cups and lids made from plants for our takeaway coffee cups. We also offer oat milk, a more environmentally option than cow’s milk. Oat milk uses less water, resources, and land to produce and produces less greenhouse emissions in its production. We’re proud to offer an eco alternative!

Volkswagen Initiatives

Volkswagen’s biggest commitment to sustainability is their goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. This represents their entire business model – including fleet, production, and administration globally. We’re proud to represent such a forward-thinking brand. 

Soon, Volkswagen will be unveiling their next generation of electric cars. The ID.3 will be a welcome addition to the fleet, being the first electric vehicle in the world to achieve a CO2-neutral footprint. With zero emissions, outstanding efficiency, and full connectivity, this will be an impressive feat of engineering and ingenuity.

Also in the pipelines, the ID4 and ID5, along with PHEV models of the Multivan, Golf Life, Golf GTE, Passat, Tiguan Life and R-Line, and the Touareg.

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Volkswagen ID3 EV with a woman leaning on the hood, with an orange futuristic background.