Our Environmental Initiative

Small changes to show we’re doing our bit for the environment.

We’re now plastic bottle free!

It’s no secret that the incorrect disposal of single-use plastic is a major issue worldwide. It has been on our minds for a while with the majority of staff doing their bit to recycle what they can within the dealership, but in a bid stop more plastic potentially ending up in our oceans, we decided we needed to stop handing out complimentary plastic water bottles.

We still wanted to give you, our guest, the service experience you deserve so ditching the water altogether was not an option. We put our heads together, and our friends over at Otakiri Springs presented us with an offer we couldn’t refuse, and we traded our complimentary plastic water bottles to these glass ones.

Go EV.

With Climate Change in the forefront of everybody’s minds we wouldn’t be surprised if you had been looking at ways to decrease your environmental impact too. Maybe you’ve been considering switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle? Well, we don’t mean to brag, but our Volkswagen e-Golf was named the AMI Autocar Electric Car of Year 2018.

Like every Volkswagen Golf it is characterised by its popularity, polished interior and exterior design, innovative technology and high-quality engineering. Only now you can forget the petrol bills. The exterior is familiar, with added e-design features such as low power consuming LED lights, blue design elements and 16 inch aerodynamic alloy wheels. It’s obvious the e-Golf focuses on minimising its carbon footprint in style.