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VW Touareg parked looking at NZ vista
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Get Set to Hit the Road This Summer

Here are some proactive measures we can take to ensure our safety on the road this summer.

Six driving scenarios where IQ.DRIVE Safety Systems come in handy

Here are six real-world scenarios you might encounter when driving, and how IQ.DRIVE can come in handy. Read our blog.
Volkswagen ID.5 plugged in a charging station with woman in a yellow suit walking towards it

Cheapest place to charge an EV: Home or Public?

Discover the cheapest method of electric vehicle charging between home charging and public charging and determine the best option for you.
Volkswagen ID.4

Tips for maximising vehicle range for ID. models

Discover how to maximise your EV's electric range with these five tips and get the best performance out of your EV. Read our blog.
Volkswagen Crafter Runner

Volkswagen Crafter: The Ultimate Business Van

Choose a Crafter and get your business going. Here are five reasons why the Crafter is the ultimate van for your business. Read more.
Volkswagen features

Features in Volkswagen Cars You will Love

Volkswagen has introduced some impressive features in its latest models, but here are a few classic Volkswagen features you'll love.
Volkswagen Caddy California in New Zealand with surfers.

Why the Caddy California is the perfect campervan for New Zealand adventures

Small in size, big on adventure. Explore why the Volkswagen Caddy California is the perfect campervan for your next escape.

Your Volkswagen Charging Guide

Read everything you need to know about the all-electric ID. range, from charging, benefits of switching, to sustainability in this blog.
Volkswagen Grand California on the road

Grand California Pre Season Check

Summer is nearly here, and we're sure you can't wait to head out and explore in your Volkswagen Grand California. However, before you hit the road be sure to undertake a few simple checks to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top-shape.
Car Battery Coding

Car Battery Coding and Registration: How & Why?

New car batteries should be coded for your vehicle when replacing an old battery. Here's some advice on why a car battery needs coding.