Our guide to the many features of modern vehicles.

VW Rear Traffic Alert

Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Traffic Alert

The majority of our Volkswagen new vehicle range are equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor with a Rear Traffic Alert. These features help to detect vehicles that are in the blind spot, and assist while reversing with limited visibility.

What is AdBlue?

Owners of modern diesel vehicles, such as Volkswagens, will have noticed a blue AdBlue® cap next to their diesel cap. It can be helpful to know exactly what AdBlue is and how it's helping your vehicle to reduce its effect on the environment.
Volkswagen Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist uses proven vehicle features such as ACC Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to allow easy and slow driving in traffic jams. Your vehicle will follow the vehicle ahead and automatically operate the accelerator and brakes within the limits of the system so the vehicle is kept in the lane.
Volkswagen Transporter 4MOTION

What is 4MOTION?

Many of our Volkswagen models are available with 4MOTION, including the Amarok V6, Tiguan, Touareg and the Transporter, to name a few. We've had some new Volkswagen owners asking us to define exactly what 4MOTION means, and why it is beneficial to have in your vehicle. So we've put together this guide explaining what 4MOTION is along with its features and benefits.
Volkswagen Trailer Assist

Volkswagen Trailer Assist

Volkswagen have come up with a clever solution to assist in solving this problem... Trailer Assist! When needing to reverse a trailer with a boat or caravan attached, all the driver needs to do is put the vehicle into reverse, press the Park Assist button and use the mirror adjustment buttons to enter the direction in which the trailer needs to follow. The vehicle will now steer automatically with the trailer on the back, however the driver is still responsible for gear-shifting, acceleration and braking.
Volkswagen Park Assist

Volkswagen Park Assist (Automatic Parking)

Now standard equipment right across the new Tiguan range, Volkswagen's Park Assist is a system that automatically parks your car, whether parallel parking or reverse 90 degree parking.

ŠKODA Driver Assistance

ŠKODA cars are safe and comfortable. Amongst other factors, this is thanks to an array of modern and intelligent driver assistance systems. But what functions are hidden behind terms such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Driver Alert fatigue detection and City Emergency Brake? The answer can be found in ŠKODA’s new six-episode series entitled ‘Childishly simple’.
Volkswagen Front Assist
Driver Fatigue Detection