Photos, videos and reviews from our very own Volkswagen and ŠKODA owners in New Zealand.

Side view of the VW Amarok in matte blue

Volkswagen Amarok in Matte Blue Finish

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To add a special touch to an already premium quality ute, the new Volkswagen Amarok is now available with an optional matte finish, as matte grey or matte blue.

Hellers VW Crafter Van Foodtruck

Hellers’ Volkswagen Crafter BBQ Van

This week – to the delight of our staff and customers – we had the pleasure of a visit from the Hellers Foodtruck.

Hellers are firm Volkswagen fans and have won many awards for their quality meats, including their recent titles of ‘NZ’s Best Pork Sausage’ and ‘Best Gourmet Beef’. Their Foodtruck – a customised Volkswagen Crafter van – is frequently used to showcase their products at various markets and events.

Andrew's ŠKODA Kodiaq

Andrew’s ŠKODA Kodiaq


New ŠKODA Kodiaq owner, Andrew, collected his SUV in July and has shared some insight into his purchase experience, along with a few photos (including the awesome space he’s made for his dog!).

Lands & Survey

Why Lands & Survey Have 13 Amaroks

Transporter T6 4MOTION

Medifab’s Transporter T6 4MOTION

Brad's ŠKODA Octavia RS

Brad’s Octavia RS

Lachlan wants a ŠKODA