Read the reviews of professional motoring journalists, as well as our own vehicle features and that of Volkswagen and ŠKODA globally and here in New Zealand.

ŠKODA Kodiaq

ŠKODA Kodiaq Takes on Competitors

The ŠKODA Kodiaq has been very well received by new owners and motoring journalists alike, but two things stand out when discuss the Kodiaq with potential buyers: How can a large SUV have a 1.4L engine (entry-level model)? How does a ŠKODA compare to more common vehicle brands? Find out here.
Amarok Canyon

Why Buy a Volkswagen Amarok?

There are a number of excellent utes on the market in New Zealand. Our Commercial Specialist, Anthony Johanson, explains why the Amarok is the best of the bunch.
NZ Outdoor Hunting Amarok

A Review of the VW Amarok by NZ Outdoor Hunting

NZ Outdoor Magazine's Journalist, Per Jacobsen, recently purchased a Volkswagen Amarok 4WD Trendline TDI from Miles Continental and decided to put it to the test among the Southern Alps of New Zealand. He returned from his trip with plenty to say about the Amarok. Debra at NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine has kindly given us permission to share the review.
Skoda Superb Wagon

The ŠKODA Superb vs. Brand Snobbery

It’s only brand-snobbery that prevents this car from dominating New Zealand’s large car sales figures says DAVE MOORE.
Kodiaq Scout
Volkswagen Tiguan TDI in Blue
Lands and Survey's Amarok Fleet