LED Matrix Headlight

LED Innovative Lighting

The darker months present motorists with additional challenges on the road, but thanks to LED technology, ŠKODA drivers can drive safely even in poor light and weather conditions.

If you’ve owned a late model ŠKODA, you’ll be familiar with LED headlights, taillights, and daytime driving lights. They produce brighter and better light in front of your vehicle, have a much longer lifespan than their halogen predecessors, and put less strain on your vehicle’s power supply – giving you better fuel economy.

Now, full LED Matrix Headlights are making their debut in the ŠKODA model line-up, claiming to perfectly illuminate the road ahead without you having to touch a single button. So, how exactly do they work?

The Anatomy

Full LED matrix headlights consist of an LED module for the dipped and high beam, three further LED high beam segments, a static LED cornering light, and a narrow LED strip providing the indicators, daytime running, and position lights. This innovative system generates a light beam consisting of several segments, with individually switchable LED chips in each headlight.

The Technology

The intelligent technology uses a camera on the rear-view mirror to detect light from oncoming traffic, as well as people and objects reflecting that light. The Matrix function immediately turns off individual segments of the light beam, masking out the high beam light distribution around them in real time, preventing them from being dazzled despite the high beam being on at all times.

Full LED matrix headlights are available for the ŠKODA Superb Style Liftback and Sportline Wagon, and also the fourth-generation ŠKODA Octavia, due to land in the showroom later on in the year.

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