A blue ŠKODA Superb Scout station wagon driving in Auckland

What Car? Reviews The 2020 ŠKODA Superb: ‘The Best Estate on Sale’

Doug Revolta of What Car? reviews the new ŠKODA Superb in a video called ‘Why it’s the best estate on sale’. What Car? is one of the leading motoring journalist sites in the UK, if not the world. Their annual awards ceremonies regularly show ŠKODA vehicles as class leaders, and if you’re to believe their latest review, the new Superb is already proving to be a top contender.

The Superb is also reviewed elsewhere on the What Car? website, where the experts say:

If space is a luxury, the Skoda Superb Estate must be one of the most luxurious cars in the world. And yet, while its interior and boot are huge, its price is anything but.

Doug echoes this sentiment in the video, with his summary being (spoiler alert!):

It has a comfortable ride, high quality interior, and it generally represents outstanding value. Right now, it’s the best estate car you can buy.

Watch What Car?’s review of the 2020 Superb below. Please note that specifications and pricing of this overseas model may vary.

Video: 2020 Skoda Superb Estate review – why it’s the best estate on sale

For full details of the NZ-spec ŠKODA Superb, be sure to get in touch with our team. We look forward to introducing you to this class-leading wagon.

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Please note that imagery and specifications may be of overseas vehicles and include optional extras.