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Miles Continental is Christchurch’s official stockist of genuine parts for Volkswagen and ŠKODA vehicles. All of our parts come with the assurance of expert advice, full manufacturer warranty and support, and competitive pricing, with most items able to be sourced and delivered overnight through our extensive nationwide parts network.

We hold a large range of stock for immediate supply and have access to the huge Volkswagen Audi Group’s parts storage and distribution facility in Auckland.

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Why buy genuine parts?

Volkswagen and ŠKODA Genuine Parts® are designed and engineered by the vehicle manufacturer, they are what your Volkswagen or ŠKODA was built with on the production line and as such are the only way to ensure that your Volkswagen or ŠKODA performs and protects you as designed.

The non-Genuine Parts® are known as aftermarket, universal or “OEM” parts – these parts are not the same as our Genuine Parts®. Genuine Parts® are produced under Volkswagen AG’s Formula Q quality assurance program. Any parts manufacturer producing parts used in the production of your Volkswagen or ŠKODA must be manufactured according to Formula Q’s stringent quality guidelines, these manufacturers can and do produce pattern or similar parts for your Volkswagen or ŠKODA, but as they are not Genuine Parts® and do not carry our logos, you cannot be assured that they are of the same quality and will perform the same as Genuine Parts®

Volkswagen and ŠKODA Genuine Parts® are the factory originals – so you can be confident that your purchase of Genuine Parts® is the best thing for your vehicle.

  • Genuine Parts® provide the perfect fit and meet Formula Q quality standards
  • Since they fit so precisely, installation times are reduced to a minimum
  • They’re designed to provide optimal safety, performance, and fuel economy
  • Quality parts need to be replaced less often, saving you money over the lifetime of your vehicle

When it comes down to it, you’ve made an investment in a highly engineered vehicle for a reason. Keep that vehicle as its engineers intended, and ensure your Volkswagen or ŠKODA remains a Volkswagen or ŠKODA.

Crash Testing Non-Genuine vs. Genuine Parts®

Volkswagen arranged an independent crash test of a Golf VII to compare Genuine Parts® versus non-genuine IAM (Independent After Market) or “OEM” parts. Both vehicles were put through a simulated crash at 15km/h, each vehicle was then repaired, one with non-genuine and the other with Genuine Parts®. Once the repairs were completed they were subjected to the exact same crash simulation.

The results speak for themselves.

Calculation of the needed repairs following the tests showed that the Golf fitted with non-genuine parts would cost three times higher to repair than the Golf repaired with Genuine Parts®.

The most obvious outcome isn’t the cost to repair after a subsequent crash, but just how much damage occured and what the vehicle had to do to protect the occupant. If this is how a Volkswagen Golf VII, repaired with non-genuine parts performed during a crash at just 15 km/h, how do you think it would have performed at 50km/h? Or 100km/h?

Volkswagen Economy Brake Pads vs. the competition

Volkswagen Economy Parts are offered exclusively for Volkswagen vehicles that are five years or older. To compare quality, Volkswagen tested their own Economy brake pads against “equivalent” brake pads available from aftermarket or “OEM” competitors.

In each test, the Volkswagen Economy brake pad proved to be lower wearing and higher performing, with consistent braking behaviour. Side effects of poor performing brake pads can include braking noise, unpleasant odours, vibration, and inadequate brake pedal feel, and most importantly as Economy Parts are subject to the same stringent Formula Q quality assurance program and normal Genuine Parts®, your vehicles driver assistance and emergency systems (ABS, ESC, AEB) will perform as designed by the factory.

If you’re concerned with costs but don’t want to compromise your Volkswagen’s quality, get in touch with our team.

Golf 5 Genuine Cambelt Replacement Now $849

Just like any part, cambelts wear with use and due to the material they are made from they will degrade over time – even with low use. The cambelt system synchronises the engine, often called a timing belt. If a cambelt fails due to wear or use beyond the recommended replacement date, it may cause significant damage to your vehicle’s engine. If you have an older vehicle, you should be able to tell if and when the cambelt has been replaced by checking for a sticker placed in the engine bay, or to be sure please ask us and we can check for you.

Volkswagen Genuine cambelts feature Power Grip® HTD – High Torque Drive technology, this reduces tension focused in the tight corners of square toothed belts.

If you own a Golf 5 and your cambelt is due for replacement, we have good news!

Replace your Mark 5 Golf cambelt this month with Volkswagen Genuine Parts® at Miles Continental, for just $849 incl GST! Terms and conditions apply, see our Parts Team for details.

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