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Vehicle Protection & Upgrades

Protect your investment while making cleaning and maintenance easier and more effective with our range of vehicle protection products, including the impressive 3M Vehicle Protection and Dura-Seal Vehicle Protection range.

Dura-Seal Protection

Find out more about Dura-Seal Vehicle Protection.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection$695
Dura-Seal Fabric Protection$695
Dura-Seal Leather Protection$795

3M Vehicle Protection

Protect your investment.

3M Bonnet Protector$299
3M Rear Sill Guard$299
3M Door Cup Protection$249

Vehicle Protection Packages

Urban Pack – Bonnet 300mm, Fenders, Door Cups, Boot Lip$999
Rural Pack – Bonnet 400mm, Front Bumper, Fenders, Door Cups, Boot Lip$1,599
Rural Pack – Full Bonnet, Front Bumper, Fenders, Door Cups, Boot Lip$1,999

Window Tinting

Protection from UV and heat.

Front WindowsFrom $299
Whole VehicleFrom $695
Euro ‘Z’ Style PlatesFitted from $299
Personalised PlatesFitted from $699
Black PlatesFitted from $199
Black Euro Style PlatesFitted from $349

Service Plans

Get the most from your service.

Various modelsFrom $1,200

Extended Warranties

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