ŠKODA Karoq in white driving through a forest

ŠKODA Fleet Vehicles

Thanks to their low total cost of ownership, impressive-yet-discreet design, impressive safety technology, comfortable driving, and (not to mention) an extensive list of ‘Car of the Year’ awards, the ŠKODA vehicle range makes for an excellent choice for your company’s fleet.

ŠKODA cars offer the same modern features as many other European vehicles but without the stigma. They represent quality and class while remaining trendy and unassuming, and in doing so add huge value to any brand, whether small business or huge corporate.

Key Benefits of ŠKODA Vehicles for Your Company


    • Low total cost of ownership
    • Environmentally focused
    • Impressive residual values
    • Long service intervals, up to 30,000km/2 years

    • ‘Simply Clever’ features
    • Impressive interior space
    • Sharp, trendy design
    • Every ŠKODA is an award winner

    • Central city servicing
    • Modern loan vehicles
    • Service & WOF reminders
    • Finance, Insurance & Warranties

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Petrol and diesel options are available, with the Fabia starting at just 4.7L/100km fuel economy (combined) and even Kodiaq’s diesel model – Best Large SUV 2017 – from just 5.7L/100km (combined).

Intelligent (and long) Service Intervals

With ŠKODA’s ingenious Variable Service Intervals, your car lets you know precisely when it needs to be serviced. With today’s advanced long-life engine oils, time and distance are no longer fair indicators of when a service is required. Under optimal driving conditions a car may not need any attention for up to two years or 30,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first). Or, on the other hand, if a car has frequent cold starts and many short trips, it may benefit from a service after only 12 months or 15,000 kilometres.

Your ŠKODA has inbuilt sensors which monitor engine oil quality. When the oil degrades to a point where it will soon affect engine performance, the sensor activates the message on your dashboard informing you that your car needs a service.

When the time does eventually come for your service, we’ll provide you or your team with a late model vehicle to match their requirements and keep them on the road, or work from our customer lounge while you wait, with coffee, chilled water, and complimentary WiFi.

We’re With You

On top of ŠKODA’s own support, you’ll also benefit from a relationship with our team here at Miles Continental. Along with our specialist ŠKODA Showroom and Sales Consultants, we have a full Business Development Team dedicated to ensuring all of our customers are happy throughout the life of their vehicle ownership, checking in with personalised updates and timely reminders regarding servicing and WOFs, leaving you and your team to focus on what you do best.

We have an on-site finance team ready to talk to you about flexible purchase, finance and lease options, not to mention insurance and warranties specific to ŠKODA vehicles.

The ŠKODA Range

View some of the range below, from the world’s Best Small Car of 2017, the Fabia, to the world’s Best Large SUV of 2017, the Kodiaq. All are available in a range of colours and look impressive just as they are, or with your company’s signwriting acting as a mobile billboard for your business.

Alternatively, get in touch today to talk about your options.



2019 Fabia Hatch

The Fabia is so versatile that it’s perhaps the only vehicle to be named both ‘Best Small Car’ and ‘Best Estate’ in the same year (both in 2017 by WhatCar?). The hatchback – while small – offers impressive boot space of 330L with the seats up and 1,150L with them down, all while maintaining fuel economy from just 4.9L per 100km. Meanwhile, the wagon offers an extra 200L of boot space and incredible fuel economy at only 4.6L/100km fuel consumption! Both are highly practical, boasting many of ŠKODA’s ‘Simply Clever’ features. 5 Star ANCAP Safety is a given.

  • Hatch from $20,490, Wagon from $28,990 (MRP plus on-road costs)
  • From 4.9L/100km, up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety
  • Driver, Passenger, Front Curtain and Side Airbags
  • Heated Mirrors, Cruise & Speed Limiter
  • Steering Wheel Controls for Audio & Phone (Bluetooth)
  • Best Small Car, Best Wagon of 2017

“the elongated Fabia is indecently good value, drives as good as any other mainstream Euro five-door with a torsion beam rear end, and offers plenty of haulage space for a car so compact… This is the best little new station wagon on the Kiwi car market by far.” Stuff.co.nz

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  • Fabia Wagon

    Subtly stylish, endlessly practical.

  • Premium Interior

    Punching well above its weight.

  • Impressive Boot Space

    1,150in the hatchback and 1,395 in the wagon.

  • Modern Convenience

    With the latest infotainment and safety features.

  • Ample Interior Space & Comfort

    Comfortable seating all round, plus split folding rear seats.



Rapid Spaceback

The ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is the hatchback for those who don’t buy a car just because everyone else has one, instead doing their own research and coming to a conclusion that may surprise many mainstream buyers; there is no more cost effective hatchback that offers the same level of advanced features and refinement as the ŠKODA Rapid.

As it’s a ŠKODA, you can expect the usual, innovative clever features; the boot mat is reversible: carpet one side, waterproof rubber the other; there’s an ice scraper inside the fuel filler cap, two bag hooks inside the load area, an aircraft style pocket under the driver’s seat for a high-vis vest, and a simple, size-adjustable double bottle holder in the rear armrest.

  • Rapid Sport Hatch from $29,990 (MRP plus on-road costs)
  • From 4.6L/100km, up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety, Red Dot Design Award
  • 415L Storage (1,381L with seats down)
  • Auto Bi-Xenon Lights, LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Includes Two USB Ports in the Rear

“It has all the ingredients of an excellent family car for people who don’t aspire to the sheer size that the next class of car has grown to. Easier to park. Easier to garage. Easy on the eye. Decent to drive. And lacking nothing that sensible buyers really want.” HonestJohn.co.uk

“Sporty, with space, safety and fuel economy – perfect for road-warrior sales executives.” – Tony, Contiki Holidays (NZ)

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  • Stylish Exterior

    Looks great in colour, executive in shades of grey.

    Rapid hatchback in blue
  • Sharp Lighting System

    Automatic Bi-Xenon Headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights.

    Rapid headlights
  • Spacious Interior

    With panoramic sunroof and extended rear window.

    Rapid interior and sunroof
  • Rear Comfort

    Plenty of rear space and conveniences in the rear.

    Rapid rear seats and legroom
  • Sporty Elegance

    Subtle spoiler, extended rear window.

    Rapid rear hatch
  • Advanced Features

    Premium fit, soft-touch yet responsive controls.

    Rapid climate control
  • Simply Clever

    Practical storage features, plus advanced on-board technology.

    Rapid interior and dashboard



Skoda Octavia wagon in grey

Top Estate Car of 2017 (Stuff & Auto Express), Best Family Car of 2016 and Red Dot Design award winner, the Octavia has been well recognised by expert motorists. A range of options are available, from the Octavia liftback (similar to a sedan) to the mighty Octavia RS performance car and the practical Octavia Scout for adventure seekers.

Octavia is the perfect all-rounder with lashings of appeal for business executives and sales reps alike, combining the power and space of a large car with incredible engineering that means the Octavia range sips fuel from just 3.9L/100km (combined). No, that’s not a typo.

  • Liftback from $38,490, Wagon from $40,490 (MRP plus on-road costs)
  • From 3.9/100km and up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety, Best Estate Car 2017
  • Class-leading legroom and 590L Storage (to 1,580L)
  • Two petrol and two diesel engine options
  • Liftback, Wagon, RS and Scout variants

Motoring Journalists:

“The boot is a massive 610 litres, which is more than some large SUVs can muster. Fold the rear seats down and you have 1740 litres. It’s supremely practical and unpretentious, but we also love the fact that Octavia is entertaining to drive no matter what model you choose.” – Stuff.co.nz

Business Executives:

“With 200 cars in our fleet, we needed a model that’s safe, reliable, and delivered in a cost effective package. The Octavia delivers on all three.” – Sam Delvin, IHC New Zealand

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  • Ideal Fleet Car

    Excellent comfort, service intervals and economy.

    Skoda Superb sedan taxi
  • Superb Interior

    A car you won’t want to leave.

    Superb interior
  • Clever Features

    Plenty to surprise and delight.

    Superb features showing umbrella storage
  • Superb Wagon

    Sharp styling, massive boot space.

    Superb wagon in white
  • Superb Wagon

    Impressive in any colour.

    Superb wagon rear
  • Superb Sedan

    Discreet styling with wide appeal.

    Superb sedan in silver
  • Superb Sedan

    Executive looks from any angle.

    Superb sedan rear in silver
  • Boot Space

    Even the sedan has impressive boot space.

    Superb sedan rear bootspace
  • Classy Interior

    Premium looks and feel.

    Skoda Superb interior



ŠKODA Superb

Best Estate, Medium/Large, Compact Executive, Family, Value for Month and overall ‘Car to Own’, the Superb has won more awards that we have room to list. All of which suggest: if you’re looking for an executive car, suitable for the family, that offers great value, you just can’t look anywhere else but the ŠKODA Superb.

The Superb is ideal for business executives as it ‘makes the everyday feel truly out of this world’. This flagship vehicle means you no longer have to choose between style and space. You can have both.

  • Sedan from $48,990, Wagon from $51,990 (MRP plus on-road costs)
  • From 5.9/100km and up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety, Best Estate, Family and Value Car 2017
  • Class-leading interior and bootspace, 625L to 1,909L
  • Petrol and diesel options, 2WD and 4WD, DSG Auto

“If space is luxury, the Skoda Superb Estate has to be one of the most luxurious cars in the world. And yet while its interior and boot are huge, its price is anything but. …the latest Superb Estate is a direct rival to accomplished family wagons such as the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat. However, it’s also an appealing alternative to some more premium offerings, including the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring, because the Superb Estate is not only a lot cheaper than those two but it’s also a lot bigger. Because it’s so competitively priced, despite being well equipped, classy and more spacious than its rivals, the Superb is easily our favourite big estate.” – WhatCar?

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  • Octavia Liftback

    Executive, stylish and practical.

    Octavia liftback sedan in silver
  • Best Estate Car of 2017

    According to Stuff.co.nz and Auto Express.

    Octavia wagon in red
  • Huge Rear Storage

    Up to 1,580L with the seats down.

    Octavia wagon bootspace
  • Touchscreen Infotainment System

    Impressive personalisation and connectivity.

    Octavia media screen
  • Octavia RS Liftback

    Looking striking in green.

    Octavia RS liftback rear in green
  • Octavia RS Liftback in Black

    A performance car that doesn’t need to shout about it.

    Octavia RS in black on the track
  • Advanced Driver Assistance

    Front assistant with city autonomous braking as standard.

    Octavia dashboard
  • Clever Luggage Configurations

    Liftback shown. Deep boot, plenty of space.

    Octavia Liftback bootspace
  • Octavia RS and Scout

    A model to suit all tastes.

    Octavia RS and Scout
  • Octavia RS Interior

    Sporty seats and styling features.

    Octavia RS Seats



ŠKODA Karoq outdoors with lights on

The Karoq is ŠKODA’s compact/medium SUV and also WhatCar’s Best Family SUV and Best Medium SUV of 2017.

Powerful design, turbocharged engines, state-of-the-art assistance systems and innovative connectivity solutions make the Karoq your perfect partner for all of life’s little adventures. The emotive and dynamic design with numerous crystalline elements characterises ŠKODA’s new SUV design language. Priced from just $39,990 MRP plus-on road costs and with fuel economy from just 5.2L/100km combined plus 30,000km/2 year service intervals, the Karoq is an incredibly great value SUV.

  • From $39,990 MRP plus on-road costs
  • From 5.2/100km and up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety, Best Medium SUV, Best Family Car 2017
  • Spacious interior and bootspace, 521L to 1630L
  • Petrol and diesel options, 2WD and 4WD, DSG Auto

“The extremely well-thought-out set-up shouldn’t come as a surprise, given everyday practicality is ŠKODA’s byline.” – AA.co.nz

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Kodiaq SUV in white on black

The Kodiaq is ŠKODA’s first large SUV… which quickly became WhatCar’s Best Large SUV of 2017 and – more recently – Stuff.co.nz’s Top Large SUV and Top Overall Car of 2017.

This 7-seater SUV (speak to us about 5-seater options) makes for a very impressive company vehicle. Sharon from Harcourts recently branded her black Kodiaq with Harcourts white and blue, and the result is a head-turning SUV that shows its driver is successful but oozes class while needing one of the most practical cars on the road.

Perhaps most amazingly, the Kodiaq is priced from just $44,490 MRP plus-on road costs and has fuel economy from just 5.7L/100km combined – an incredible figure for a large SUV.

  • From $44,490 MRP plus on-road costs
  • From 5.7/100km and up to 30,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • 5 Star ANCAP Safety, Best Large SUV, Best Car 2017
  • Spacious interior and bootspace, 630L to 2005L
  • Petrol and diesel options, 2WD and 4WD, DSG Auto

“So it’s no surprise that Kodiaq is crammed full of surprise-and-delight features. There are umbrellas integrated into the front doors (granted, you do also get those in a Rolls-Royce), grippy cupholders that allow you to open a bottle with one hand (or you can reverse it to have a card/coin-holder), a boot light that’s removable and magnetic, Velcro brackets to help secure small luggage items and space under the cargo floor to store the tonneau cover. The mechanical door protectors, which pop out to shield the edges, are a much-talked-about (and demonstrated) feature. But they’re not entirely new: you also get them on a Bentley Bentayga.” – Stuff.co.nz

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  • Awesome Company Branding

    Show that your company is successful and has taste.

    Kodiaq Harcourts company car
  • Driving Pleasure

    A large SUV, but incredible to drive.

    Kodiaq interior
  • ŠKODA Simply Clever

    Clever storage and convenience features.

    Kodiaq storage
  • Advanced Infotainment System

    With Area View Camera.

    Kodiaq Area View Rear Camera
  • 7-Seater

    Seats fold flat for huge storage space.

    Kodiaq rear seats and boot space
  • The ŠKODA Kodiaq

    Striking design features from any angle.

    Kodiaq rear in grey

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Do your research, compare your options, and we’re confident that you’ll keep coming back to ŠKODA. When you’re ready, get in touch with our specialist team for a chat about your options and fleet vehicle requirements. Call 03 377 7144 or complete the form below.

All pricing is ‘MRP’ (Maximum Retail Price) and excludes on-road costs (ORC) unless stated as ‘driveaway’. On-road costs for new petrol (non-commercial) vehicles are $1,395 which includes GST, 12 months registration, full tank of fuel, 3 years WOF, 3 years factory warranty, 3 years Roadside Assistance, genuine floor mats, professional groom and pre-delivery inspection. On-road costs for new diesel (non-commercial) vehicles are $1,495 which includes the above plus the first 3,000km Road Users Charges. On-road costs for commercial vehicles are $1,695.