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The van is steadily becoming a popular choice in the light commercial segment, and is the vehicle of choice for large families, or businesses that frequently transport guests.

Our Volkswagen range of vans offer safe and fuel efficient options to suit both passenger and commercial requirements.

Browse our range below, and if you have any questions or would like to book a test drive, please get in touch with us.

Passenger Van Range

Whether you are a family looking to transport your kids and their friends, a business looking to transport your customers, or maybe you need a mobility vehicle with wheelchair capabilities, the Volkswagen Passenger Van Range has something for you.

Caddy Crewvan
Volkswagen Caddy Crewvan

The new Caddy has been thoroughly enhanced – inside and out. A new high-quality finish awaits you in the cockpit, with lots of ingenious stowage solutions.

“The van-based people carrier with VW quality” Parkers.co.uk

Ergonomic seating, improved interior acoustics and a broad selection of radio and infotainment systems bring the interior to a whole new level. Fitted with 7-seats, the middle and rear passenger seats can be folded, double-folded and removed in no time at all.

Volkswagen Caddy Crewvan

From $46,500+ORC MRP

  • Seats up to 7
  • Rear 3-seater bench is removable
  • 1.4L Petrol, 7-Speed DSG
  • 92kW max power at 4,300-5,300rpm
  • 220Nm max torque at 1,500-3,500rpm
  • 5.7L/100km Fuel Economy
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Caddy Maxi Life Mobility
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life Mobility

One of the most important features of the Caddy is the large dimensions of the rear opening. This has proved to be a real advantage for people looking at conversions. In particular, the Caddy is becoming increasingly popular for the transportation of passengers who require a wheelchair. Access is easy and safe via a gently sloping ramp with straps to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards as it enters the vehicle. The wheelchair is then secured via a solid mounting point, and the passenger has their own seat-belt for maximum comfort and safety.

“Although it’s based on a van, the Volkswagen Caddy Mobility is a very practical, well built family car.” – Carbuyer

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life Mobility

From $65,000+ORC MRP

  • Seats up to 5 plus a wheelchair
  • Rear seats can be divided 1/3 to 2/3, or completely removed
  • 1.4L Petrol, 7-speed DSG
  • 92kW max power at 5,000-6,000rpm
  • 220Nm max torque at 1,500-3,500rpm
  • 5.8L/100km Fuel Economy
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Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1

The perfect shuttle, the Caravelle is the ideal choice for families, organisations and groups. From airlines and hotels to taxi companies who need to transport up to nine passengers (including the driver) in comfort and style, it’s the ideal choice.

With a modular seating system the Caravelle is flexible to your seating requirements. It can be configured in multiple ways and can be fully PSV complaint on request to meet NZ passenger transport standards.

Volkswagen Caravelle Range

From $69,000+ORC MRP

  • Seats up to 9
  • Available in 4MOTION / From $75,000+ORC MRP
  • 2L Turbo Diesel, 7-speed DSG
  • 110kW max power
  • 340Nm max torque
  • 2,500kg max braked Towing Capacity
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Volkswagen Multivan 6.1

Weekend at the beach or a mountain getaway? A family outing or on the way to a meeting with colleagues? It seems that in life you always have to choose between one thing or another, but what if there was a way to have it all?

With the Multivan you can. From little interior touches for extra comfort to the state-of-the-art infotainment systems, no matter what you have in mind, the Multivan has you covered.

Volkswagen Multivan Range

From $75,500+ORC MRP

  • Seats up to 7
  • Available with 4MOTION / From $82,000+ORC MRP
  • Two removal, folding swivel seats in the 1st row of passenger compartment, on rail system
  • 3-seat removable, folding bench, in the 2nd row of passenger compartment, on rail system
  • Optional multi-function table, on rail system
  • Twin Turbo Diesel, 7 Speed DSG
  • 110kW max power
  • 340Nm max torque
  • 7.6L/100km Fuel Economy (Combined)
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Crafter Minibus
Volkswagen Crafter Minibus

With basic to luxury fit-out options, seating from 12 to 20 people, and unbeatable service costs, the Crafter Minibus is perfect for tourism operators, schools, retirement villages and other people-moving industries.

Innovative safety measures, 50,000km service intervals, 250,000km mechanical warranty, along with optional 8-speed automatic or 4MOTION all-wheel drive. Our Minibus also has a rear air-con system that doesn’t compromise your roof height so you can squeeze under those tight spots.

Volkswagen Crafter Minibus

Price On Application

  • Options to seat up to 12, 18, or 20
  • 50,000km/2 Year Service Intervals
  • Class-leading Air Resistance & Fuel Economy
  • Explore Crafter

California Ocean
Volkswagen California Ocean 6.1

Sleeping under the stars. Being wakened by the soothing rushing of the sea in the morning. Discovering our kiwi back yard and been on the road while still feeling at home: the California 6.1 literally is pure freedom.

With its comfortable interior and well thought-out details, it transforms every trip into an unforgettable adventure. Savour your independence and travel wherever the road takes you. With everything you need right there with you.

Volkswagen California Ocean

From $142,000+ORC MRP

  • Sleeps up to 4
  • 146kW 450Nm 4MOTION
  • Lane Assist, Rear Camera
  • Electrohydraulic Pop-up Roof
  • Camping Table and Two Folding Chairs
  • Extendable Awning
  • Kitchen, Including Stove Top and Fridge
  • 9.2″ Discover Media Pro Navigation, with Wireless App-Connect (info)
  • Explore California Ocean
Volkswagen Grand California

The Volkswagen Grand California is the luxury campervan that answers all your New Zealand roadie prayers.

Fitted out with a shower and bathroom, comfy bed for two (and a loft bed for kids in the 600 variant), compact kitchen, and modern driving amenities like parking assist, you’ll quickly realise no luxury has been spared in this Volkswagen. The perks don’t stop at the interior though, as the Grand California is permanent 4MOTION four-wheel drive, making mountain roads and more accessible.

Grand California

Volkswagen Grand California

From $159,000+ORC MRP

  • Sleeps up to 4
  • 130kW 410Nm 4MOTION
  • Forward Collision Warning and Auto Braking
  • Solar Panel on Roof
  • Kitchen, Including Stove Top and Fridge
  • Gas Heating and Hot Water Cylinder
  • Toilet and Shower with Ventilation
  • 8″ Discover Media Navigation
  • Explore Grand California

Commercial Van Range

Utes continue to be top of sales in the light commercial segment in New Zealand but the humble van remains a preferred choice of vehicle for transporting loads of all sizes, and is an essential for tradies, couriers and the like.

Caddy Runner
Volkswagen Caddy Runner

The versatile Volkswagen Caddy.  The practicality and load-carrying capabilities of a van with the performance and comfort of a modern car, the Caddy is a solution to almost any transport problem.

“What a revelation the VW [Caddy Runner] is, reminding you of an eager [fox terrior] anxious to please, doing so with huge enthusiasm and personality.” Mark Daniel, Rural News NZ

The doors of a commercial vehicle are opened and closed repeatedly over the course of a working day – and heavily strained in the process. That is why the new Caddy is built with hinges, rails and handles that are equal to the most demanding conditions. The low front cabin entry position (built on a Golf platform) and loading sill height allow for easy access for both driver and equipment, while the rear tailgate is equipped with a soft touch open and close function for additional comfort.

Volkswagen Caddy Runner

From $35,000+ORC MRP

  • 1.2L Petrol, 5-Speed Manual
  • 62kW max power at 4,300-5,300rpm
  • 160Nm max torque at 1,500-3,500rpm
  • 5.5L/100km Fuel Economy (Combined)
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Caddy Maxi
Volkswagen Caddy Van

Now in it’s fourth generation, the Caddy brings the Volkswagen engineering might and knowledge to the compact van market, delivering class-leading driver comfort, efficient load space and easy load access height – the perfect companion for inner city deliveries where a larger van is just not required.

“it’s got that trendy VW image, impressive build quality and an appealing sense of modernity. It also offers impressive safety credentials and substantially improved fuel economy compared with the previous model, leaving little to fault overall. We voted it runner up in our 2020 Small Van of the Year Award.” Parkers.co.uk

The new Caddy offers you the support you need, with a storage system made up of several storage compartments and surfaces of varying sizes. Take, for instance, the roof shelf, which extends across the full width of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Caddy Van

From $41,000+ORC MRP

  • Short and Long Wheel Base Options
  • 1.4L Petrol, 7-Speed DSG
  • 92kW max power at 4,300-5,300rpm
  • 220Nm max torque at 1,500-3,500rpm
  • 5.5L/100km Fuel Economy (Combined)
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Transporter Runner
Volkswagen Transporter Runner

Redefining entry level. This new 250Nm option replaces the previous “entry level” model and is priced at just $45,000 MRP plus on-road costs. Having said that, with its extensive list of modern safety, comfort and convenience features, all while retaining the Transporter’s awesome load capacity and dual sliding doors, the new Transporter Runner really does redefine the term “entry level”.

Volkswagen Transporter Runner

From $47,500+ORC MRP

  • 2L Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed Manual or 7-Speed DSG
  • Load (m): 2.32l x 1.24w x 1.41h
  • 2,200kg Trailer Load Limit (Braked)
  • Parking Sensors and Rear View Camera
  • Cross Wind Assist
  • Explore Volkswagen Transporter
Transporter TDI
Volkswagen Transporter TDI (Short & Long Wheel Base Options)

With its 2.0L 103kW/340Nm TDI engine, either a 6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG transmission (with optional 4Motion 4WD) and braked towing capacity of up to 2500kg, the spacious new sixth generation Transporter is designed to accommodate any task.

“I am totally loving my new T6. Like all Volkswagen vehicles, as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat you immediately feel at home, and everything is where it should be. The things I would recommend to anyone which I will never go without are, 4MOTION, DSG and LED Headlights. The LED Headlights give you an amazingly wide coverage of the road and the clarity of light makes night driving a breeze. I have been driving a lot of icy and snowy roads over this winter period and I have been further impressed with the performance of the van in these adverse conditions. Even in deep snow, I don’t know how or where it is getting its traction from but it handles it with ease” William, Sales Consultant at Medifab

Volkswagen Transporter TDI

From $59,500+ORC MRP

  • Long Wheel Base / From $62,500+ORC MRP
  • 2L Turbo Diesel, 7-Speed DSG
  • 110kW Max Power
  • 340Nm Max Torque
  • 2,500kg Trailer Load Limit (Braked)
  • Explore Volkswagen Transporter
Crafter Panel Van
Volkswagen Crafter Panel Van

The Crafter Panel Van provides class-leading load capacity, fuel economy and total cost of ownership. On top of the standard models, the Crafter has endless configuration options, making it the ideal van for any purpose.

“The key area where this Volkswagen panel van has extended its on-paper appeal is in the breadth of its range. The core panel van models offer three roof heights and three load lengths but these are joined by 5-seater double cab models as well as dropside and tipper trucks. This gives a total of 69 different configurations, but there’s more options than just body style. The Crafter is now available with front, rear or 4Motion four-wheel drive, giving an even broader array of choice to operators.” – Auto Express

Volkswagen Crafter Panel Van

From $61,000+ORC MRP

  • Class-leading load capacity from 9.3m³ to 18.4m³
  • 6-Speed Manual or 8-Speed Auto
  • FWD, RWD or 4MOTION AWD Drivetrains
  • Rear Doors open to 270°
  • Explore Volkswagen Crafter

Crafter Crew Cab / Cab Chassis
Volkswagen Crafter Crew Cab / Cab Chassis

The new Volkswagen Crafter lays the benchmark for large vans throughout the world. Read the specification sheet and you’ll be left wondering how Volkswagen have done it. The bar has been raised. The Crafter Cab Chassis features a remarkable car-like driving experience with excellent ride quality and cabin design.

Volkswagen Crafter Cab / Cab Chassis

From $60,500+ORC MRP

  • Dropside with Single or Double Cab
  • Double Cab Seats 7 with 7.1m² Capacity
  • Single Cab Seats up 3 with 9.6m² Capacity
  • Carries up to 3,000kg or 18.4m³
  • Explore Volkswagen Crafter

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Information you may need to know:

All pricing is ‘MRP’ (Maximum Retail Price) and excludes on-road costs (ORC) unless stated as ‘driveaway’. On-road costs for new petrol (non-commercial) vehicles are $1,395 which includes GST, 12 months registration, full tank of fuel, 3 years WOF, 5 years factory warranty^, 3 years Roadside Assistance, genuine floor mats, professional groom and pre-delivery inspection. On-road costs for new diesel (non-commercial) vehicles are $1,495 which includes the above plus the first 3,000km Road Users Charges. On-road costs for commercial vehicles are $1,695.

^5 Year Warranty Terms and Conditions: Offer is applicable to all new Volkswagen Passenger and Commercial models plus ŠKODA (excluding vehicle conversions) purchased at an authorised Volkswagen/ŠKODA dealership. The 5-year/150,000 km mechanical warranty (whichever occurs first) is available from the time of purchase.

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