Volkswagen Guaranteed Future Value

Volkswagen Guaranteed Future Value

Volkswagen’s Guaranteed Future Value program offers a flexible financing solution that provides you with peace of mind from the moment you get your new Volkswagen, and your next one. With the assurance of low fixed repayments, you’ll also have the option to renew, retain, or return your Volkswagen at the end of your agreed term, giving you control over your vehicle’s future. What’s more, you have the flexibility to renew at any time, allowing you to enjoy the experience of driving a new Volkswagen more often. It’s a next-generation assurance that combines financial flexibility with professional peace of mind.

Benefits included

With Volkswagen Guaranteed Future Value, other benefits you can enjoy besides a hassle-free finance agreement and assurance you can rely on the moment you take off with your new Volkswagen, includes:

  • Peace of mind with minimum future value assurance from Volkswagen Finance.
  • Three options at the end of your contract: renew, retain, or return.
  • Personally tailored finance solutions based on term and kilometre usage.
  • Opportunity to upgrade to the latest Volkswagen model more often.
  • Access to the best innovations and technology with Volkswagen’s flexible finance options.

How it works

Your options at the end of the term

At the end of your agreed term, you’ll have the freedom to select a new option to suit you:

1. Retain: If you wish to retain ownership of your Volkswagen, you have the option to either purchase your vehicle outright by paying the Guaranteed Future Value, or refinance the Guaranteed Future Value amount.

2. Renew: If you’d like to upgrade to a new Volkswagen, the equity you’ve built up will contribute towards your new Volkswagen.

3. Return: If you choose to return the Volkswagen, you won’t have to make the final payment as long as you’ve made all your regular payments, the Volkswagen meets the fair wear and tear guide, and it is within the agreed-upon mileage limit. You will only have to pay for the return charge.