The Volkswagen Vehicle Range

As an official Volkswagen dealership, right here is where you’ll find the very latest Volkswagen vehicles, with photos, videos, prices and specifications.

What makes Volkswagen more than a car? We’ve found that new Volkswagen owners are those that have spent more time comparing vehicles during the car buying process. They’ve done their research and found that a Volkswagen vehicle best suited their needs and style. ‘More than a car’, Volkswagen owners have accepted Volkswagen into their lives; their vehicle is a hobby and a passion on top of a means of transport.

To us, Volkswagen offers a premium vehicle without the premium price tag, demonstrates success without arrogance, and offers executive levels of luxury while maintaining family practicality and charm.

We’d love to introduce you to your next Volkswagen. View the range below, drop by the showroom, or – if you’d prefer – we’d be delighted to bring your chosen model out to your workplace or home for you to view and test drive in your own surroundings. Just mention an off-site test drive when you book.