Two Volkswagen Grand California Campervans on grassy mountaintop.

Volkswagen Grand California

All the comforts of home, wherever you park it.

No need to rough it when you’re traveling around in a Volkswagen Grand California.

This luxury campervan spares no details and is fully equipped to meet every creature comfort of home. From a large bed to sleep two adults – and a loft bed for the kids on the 600 variant – to the compact kitchen with gas stovetop, fridge, freezer, and shower, you won’t be heading home any time soon.

The luxury doesn’t stop on the inside, though. With modern driving luxuries like parking assist and adaptive cruise control, you’ll forget your driving a luxury campervan. The permanent 4MOTION four-wheel drive means you won’t have to turn back for winding roads or wintry conditions. Let the adventure continue.

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Woman adjusting temperature control on her Volkswagen Grand California campervan.

Grand Features Tips and Tricks.

The Grand California is jam-packed with features to keep you comfortable, safe, and allow you to enjoy every minute of your adventure. Volkswagen New Zealand has put together some great how-to videos for tips and tricks to help you utilise every clever feature.

Find them here.

  • Table for Two

    Sit under the Grand California’s awning and enjoy seating for two.

    Blue and white Volkswagen Grand California with couple sitting under awning in a forested lakeside setting.
  • Gas Stove

    The two-hob cooker with sink and fold-down tap offers added flexibility thanks to a two-part glass cover.

    Stainless steel stovetop in Volkswagen Grand California Campervan.
  • Built-in Dining Room

    A built-in table and chairs makes the perfect set up for dinner, cards, or a glass of wine at sunset.

    Volkswagen Grand California dining table with a dad and two children making crafts.
  • Modern Driving Amenities

    Adaptive cruise control and 360° parking aids, and so much more.

    Man looking at his wife in the front seat of a Volkswagen Grand California campervan.
  • Panoramic Sun Roof

    Stargazing from the comfort of your bed.

    Woman opening up a panoramic sunroof in a Volkswagen Grand California.
  • 42l of Storage Space

    Plus a 70l fridge freezer and plenty of space to make a gourmet meal.

    Compact campervan kitchen with stove top inside a Volkswagen Grand California.
  • Reversing Camera

    An optional extra that helps manoeuvre with tight spots.

    Reversing camera in ceiling of a Volkswagen Grand California.
  • The 600 and 680

    Where will adventure take you?

    Two Volkswagen Grand California campervans driving through a mountain road.
  • Modern Bathroom

    External temperature-controlled shower, sink, and toilet.

    White compact sink with showerhead attached in a Volkswagen Grand California campervan.
  • Plenty of Bench Space

    All the modern amenities of your home kitchen.

    A couple sitting inside inside the Volkswagen Grand California dining area.
  • Well Rested

    The 600 features room for two adults and two children, while the 680 is roomy for two adults.

    A man showing his wife an iPad while she lies in a Volkswagen Grand California campervan bed.
  • Just Like Home

    A comfortable bathroom, perfect for bedtime rituals.

    Young girl brushing her plush animal's teeth inside compact Volkswagen Grand California campervan's bathroom.
  • No Unwanted Guests

    Custom-fit inset screens mean sandflies won’t join you for dinner.

    Woman looking out from her Volkswagen Grand California open door with screen.
  • Airy Spaces

    The bright white makes the Grand California feel roomy and spacious.

    Inside a Volkswagen Grand California campervan with bed undone.

“The gutsy, 175bhp 2.0-litre turbo means it never feels breathless, and once you get over the sheer size of the thing, the Grand Cali is actually pretty easy to drive thanks to a smooth and responsive eight-speed automatic box, a tight turning circle and a load of driver aids you’d normally find in your car.”
– Alex Robbins, Top Gear 

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