Volkswagen e-Golf -100% Electric COTY 2018

All-new Volkswagen e-Golf

AMI NZ Autocar Electric Car of the Year 2018

Like most electric vehicles the e-Golf comes with a trickle charger, a domestic friendly plug socket that will recharge the e-Golf overnight which is the most commonly used method of recharging. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the ever-growing fast stations which provide 80% battery charge in just over 30 minutes.

Like every Volkswagen Golf it is characterised by its popularity, polished interior and exterior design, innovative technology and high-quality engineering. Only now you can forget the petrol bills. The exterior is familiar, with added e-design features such as low power consuming LED lights, blue design elements and 16 inch aerodynamic alloy wheels. It’s obvious the e-Golf focuses on minimising its carbon footprint in style.

We put the e-Golf to the challenge with the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), to see how far the e-Golf could travel in real-world conditions. The results: with two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf traveled from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa – an impressive distance of 220km.

  • AMI NZ Autocar Electric Car of the Year 2018

“The e-Golf impressed us as a discreet EV package, looking like any other Golf as opposed to a visual oddity. It is one of the least expensive new EVs and comes comprehensively specified. Its range is sufficient, and drives much like a regular Golf, but with more oomph around town, and it’s so quiet and refined.”
– Judging Panel, AMI NZ Autocar Car of the Year Awards

Volkswagen e-Golf


If you’re seeking a nippy commuter, you’ve found one. The e-Golf’s effortless power-steering and acceleration is as responsive as an on-off switch, whilst the position of the batteries help produce a nimble low centre of gravity. Tailor your driving experience with Normal, Eco and Eco + driving modes, or maybe you’d like to choose 1 of 4 levels of power regeneration to recharge your vehicle’s batteries when braking.


Connectivity & Infotainment

Equipped with a 9.2 inch infotainment screen, gesture control, modern entertainment functions and mobile phone interfaces, the new e-Golf offers various ways to conveniently stay connected with the outside world.

e-Golf Interior


Whilst we didn’t feel the need to change the Golf’s already perfected internal appearance, there are some optional extras for you to consider. A digitalised Active Info Display can provide information far beyond your speed and battery consumption. Sophisticated comfort comes as standard with the Volkswagen e-Golf, but ambient lighting and a Vienna Leather option create beyond first-class experiences.

e_Golf Front Assist

Front Assist

Being behind the wheel of a new e-Golf is a relaxing experience in itself, but with e-Golf’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as standard you can be even more relaxed on the road. Front Assist uses radar technology to monitor the road ahead. If the e-Golf detects any dangerous objects approaching it will apply the brakes automatically – we call this technology Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Monitoring.

e-Golf Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot and Rear Traffic Sensors

Blind Spot and Traffic Sensors are definitely a great source of assistance when you require a little reassurance on whether to reverse out of a driveway or when to change lanes. Just don’t forget who’s actually ‘steering the ship’!

e-Golf Park Assist

Park Distance Control

The often stressful and frustrating task of parallel parking is history. Forget straining your neck just to park your vehicle or even find a parking space for that fact! The e-Golf’s ultrasound sensors will assist – you’ve got yourself a new parking coordinator.

Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist

Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist

Avoid traffic jam collisions and forget start-stop driving with the Traffic Jam Assist system. Put your mind at rest with Emergency Assist, a system that registers when the driver is unresponsive by taking semi-automatic control of the vehicle (part of the Lane Assist Plus option).

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