Vehicle Finance Calculator

Vehicle Finance Calculator

Interested in figuring out your options when it comes to buying a new or used car? Use our finance calculator to gain a better idea of how much you can afford to pay, as well as how much the interest rate will affect your total spend.

Finance is available for all vehicle makes and models. See our in-house friendly team right here in Christchurch for more information, as well as a fast turn around on your finance approval. Contact us now for an obligation-free chat on 03 377 7144 or use the form below.

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Please be aware that this calculator is designed to provide a rough guide and is for illustrative purposes only. Use of this calculator does not represent a quote from Miles Continental, and actual finance rates available, schedules or total figures may vary. Any calculations made must not be relied on by any reason as conclusive. Finance is subject to terms and conditions and approval via our third party finance providers. For actual available rates, fees, and confirmed figures, and for any other assistance, please contact our in-house finance team.

All calculations exclude a one-off establishment fee, a $10 PPSR fee, and a monthly account keeping fee. These will be added to your loan for you to review at time of application.

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This information is provided for illustration purposes only and the results are based on the accuracy of the information provided. Any calculations made by this calculator are intended to be used as a guide only and must not be relied on by any reason as conclusive. This does not constitute a quote from our dealership. As this is only a guide, it is suggested that you contact one of our finance team on 03 377 7144 to obtain a more accurate quote. Miles Continental will not store the information provided in this calculator and does not accept any responsibility for any loss, costs, or liability directly or indirectly incurred by persons who rely on any amount calculated by this calculator

This finance calculator is designed as a rough guide only and does not represent actual finance rates, terms, or other conditions currently available. Contact our in-house finance team to confirm rates, fees, deposit, terms and other requirements.

Month length: The calculator assumes all months are of equal length. However given some months are longer than others and interest is accrued on a daily basis, the interest charged on a car loan will vary depending on the number of days in the month.

Number of Weeks and Fortnights in a Year: The calculator assumes one year contains exactly 52 weeks or 26 fortnights, based on 364 days a year, rather than the actual 365 or 366 days in a year.