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Features in Volkswagen Cars You’ll Love

While Volkswagen has certainly introduced some impressive new features in its recent models, there are always certain features that will remain a favourite. Here are underrated features of Volkswagen vehicles that you’ll surely appreciate.

If you’re new to the Volkswagen family, or you’re considering becoming a part of it, some features that you can look forward to include:

Window convenience

With this feature, you can remotely open and close your Volkswagen windows just by using your key fob.

You can do this by simply going into Car > Settings Opening/Closing > Convenience opening and then select “All windows” on your dashboard. Once this is all set up, you can easily close and open your windows while locking/unlocking your car by pressing the lock button for three seconds.

Accidentally left one of the windows rolled down as you get out of your car? With this function, there’s no need to turn the car on again to roll it up.

Heading to your car on a hot day? Automatically roll all the windows down to let the hot air out before you get in. How good!

Heated side mirrors

Nobody likes wet or frozen side mirrors. Heated wing mirrors stay clearer in cold and rainy weather, allowing you to have better visibility of your surroundings.

Not being able to see out of your side view mirrors is a major safety concern, so not only does this feature offer convenience but is a great added safety feature.

heated side mirrors

Exterior auto lock feature

Auto lock exterior

With this special feature, you can lock your doors from the outside only, allowing you to feel safer. This function can be set up by going into Car > Vehicle settings > Opening & Closing then choose the “Autolocking option”.

Once this is set up, after you’ve started the vehicle and driven off the doors will automatically lock above 5 mph. The doors remain unlocked until an interior door handle is pulled open.

Park assist

Park assist is a system that automatically parks your car, whether parallel parking or reverse 90-degree parking. This feature might be viewed as unnecessary for some, but for others (like myself), this feature would not only save time, but also from the embarrassment of multiple parallel parking attempts. The majority of new Volkswagen models have a much-updated latest version of park assist that is simple and accurate to use, becoming second nature.

“Park Assist sits well with the Volkswagen badge given that the company has always been focused on making personal mobility more accessible. These days there’s a focus on increased personal safety to accompany that mobility.” –

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