What’s New in the Golf 8?

For one thing, it’s ready to impress.

The all-new Volkswagen Golf is here and ready to impress. Featuring a new look, sleek interior, and plenty of upgradesthe Golf is hitting the streets and making a splash. Read on to see what’s new in the Mark 8. Or better yet, follow along as our sales specialist, Andrew Hale, highlights all the new features. 

Close up of a white Volkswagen Golf 8 alloy wheels.

Turn Heads.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Golf is it’s…different. In a good way, of course. For starters, the bonnet has a new shape with a satisfying dip and c-vents to emphasise its sportiness. The R-Line offers a sleek R badge to complement the updated VW logo and 18” Bergamo wheels. The bumper side skirts, and rear diffuser keep with the sporty look, while the 381L capacity remains the same – making plenty of room for luggage.  

Let’s Step Inside.

Honouring the Golf’s long-reigning heritage while creating a refined look is no challenge for Volkswagen. Take the iconic plaidfor example. The new Golf features an understated look coupled with lush velour bolsters and headrests. These Sardinia sports seats* make you feel as if you’re racing around the track, not the four avenues. 

The driving is a bit different, too. With a push button start and shift-by-wire for your automatic 8-speed needs, you won’t miss the bulky gear knob taking up space in the sleek cockpitOn the steering wheel, you’ll notice the light-up, touch-sensitive buttons that take a simple slide of the finger to activate temperature adjustment, audio volume, and more. 

*standard on the R-Line


Grey Volkswagen Golf R Line with plaid race-style seats.
Volkswagen Golf 8 mood lighting

Set the Mood.

Imagine: you’re driving to Queenstown on a moody evening, blasting Purple Rain. The sun goes down and you flick on your mood lighting, purple, obviously. The dash, doors, and buttons illuminate, making you feel like Prince on stage. In the Golf 8, this magic is possible. With 30 different colour options (in the R-Line, ten in the Life), you can change the interior to match your mood. 

At Your Fingertips.

The 10.25” Active Info Display Pro touchscreen is a functional piece of beauty. Standard across the entire Golf range, you’ll experience connectivity and technology like never before. With Satellite Navigation, wireless charging for compatible phones, and Wireless AppConnect you’ll boost productivity – and safety – with the digital cockpit at your fingertips. 

If that’s not enough, the head-up display (standard on the R-Line) allows you to keep your eyes on the road, while keeping the most important information at a glance.  Speed, driving directions, and more project onto the windscreen ahead of you, keeping your eyes on the road and the distraction levels at a minimum.

Grey Volkswagen Golf 8 plaid interior with digtal cockpit.
Volkswagen Golf 8 Safety Features on steering wheel/

Safety First.

Travel Assist helps keep driving fresh and safe by supporting you in monotonous or tiring driving situations (see above, driving to Queenstown). The new Golf can assist in keeping you in-lane, maintain your speed, and monitor the distance of the traffic in front of you. *

The Front and Side Assist is another feature that allows for a safer journey. The Side Assist uses an LED signal on your exterior mirror to warn of a vehicle in your blindspot, avoiding collision. The Front Assist can help prevent an accident altogether by detecting pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warning the driver. If the driver does not react in time, the system can initiate emergency braking.*

*Within the limits of the system. The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not relieved of his responsibility to drive the car carefully.  

Retaining its fan-favourite features, but now with upgraded goodies sure to make your heart swoon, the all-new Volkswagen Golf 8 is ready to impress. To experience it yourself, book in a test drive with our team.

Please note that imagery and specifications may be of overseas vehicles and include optional extras. Pricing is subject to change. Speak to our team for current pricing and specs.