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Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Volkswagen Genuine parts deliver the perfect German-engineered fit specifically crafted for your Volkswagen, making them the right choice when it comes time to replace parts. Genuine is what we strive for here at Miles Continental – for service, parts, and attitude – and we’re proud to deliver the best for your vehicle.

A genuine Volkswagen part and aftermarket replica may look the same, but there is a massive difference in quality and performance between the two. Genuine Volkswagen parts are made for your vehicle, by the same factory that built your vehicle. They’re created under strict quality standards, with the added benefit of continual development by Volkswagen. Aftermarket replicas are not held to the same specs and standards – making them simply inferior.

As an authorised Volkswagen agent in Christchurch, our technicians are Volkswagen trained and qualified to repair and service your vehicle. Volkswagen genuine parts are also backed with a 2-year unlimited kilometre warranty when fitted at an approved service centre, making the decision to choose genuine easy.

Read on to find out more about specific parts, and if you have any questions please get in touch with our team.

Why Choose Genuine?

  • Maximise Vehicle Life

    Genuine parts are made with your exact vehicle in mind, at the same factory that built your vehicle. This means they’ll perform exactly as intended, keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape.

  • Optimise Vehicle Efficiency

    Genuine parts are crafted to the highest standards and come with a two-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind you need.

  • Maintain Resale Value

    All Volkswagen Genuine Parts maintain the integrity of your vehicle and keep it 100% Volkswagen genuine, making it desirable on the marketplace.

Volkswagen mechanic checking brake discs on a yellow car lifted on a hoist.

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads

Volkswagen genuine brake discs and pads are essential for a safe ride on the road. Brake discs and pads are tested in both the workshop and field, under a myriad of scenarios and weather conditions. These genuine parts perform optimally with your braking system as they are designed precisely for your Volkswagen’s top speed and weight.

Volkswagen genuine air filters with man in blue mechanic's suit fixing a yellow car in the background.

Genuine Air Filters

A Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter ensures that even the tiniest sand, dust, dirt, soot, pollen, and moisture particles are captured and diverted from your engine. A genuine air filter will prevent wear and damage to engine components, prolonging your vehicle’s life and keeping it clean.

Similar to how a good quality dust mask protects your lungs from harmful particulates, genuine air filters protect your engine from wear and tear.

Young girl with ponytails making a funny face in the backseat of a Volkswagen SUV.

Genuine Dust and Pollen Filters

The great outdoors are great, outdoors. Your vehicle’s dust and pollen filter keeps up to 99% of pollen in the filter, not in your lungs. This ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air, helping you remain sneeze-free and focussed on the road.

If you neglect filter maintenance, fail to replace on time, or use unapproved types, your engine’s performance will suffer. The use and regular replacement of Volkswagen genuine filters is your surefire way to maintain excellent performance, reliability, and a long service life.

Volkswagen genuine oil filter being replaced by a mechanic.

Genuine Oil Filters

Genuine oil filters ensure clean oil inside your engine. They work by removing damaging particles from the engine oil, prolonging your engine’s life, and protecting your vehicle’s resale value. The genuine oil filters are made from exceptionally durable and high quality, fine grade material that gives your engine optimum protection, minimising engine wear between services.

Volkswagen genuine Castor oil being poured into an orange watering can,.

The Right Oil

Volkswagen works with Castrol to co-engineer the perfect oil to maximise performance and increase fuel economy. Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife IV FE 0W-20 is the latest generation of oil from Castrol that meets the new Volkswagen 508 00 and 509 00 standards with the viscosity of 0W-20, which can only be used for specified engines.

Speak to our team today to learn about what grade is required for your vehicle.

Volkswagen genuine cambelt being replaced by blue mechanic in worksuit.

Genuine Cambelt

Cambelts and other related parts need to be replaced at the recommended intervals. A Genuine Cambelt is made from high strength material that prevents stretching and stands up to the test of time, heat, and moisture.

Cambelts are produced at the same time your vehicle is manufactured, meaning replacements will work harmoniously with your vehicle’s other components. Aftermarket replicas can cause expensive and even irreplaceable damage if not manufactured properly, so purchasing genuine parts keeps your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Woman with daughter on her back walking away from blue Volkswagen SUV.

Genuine Body Panels

Accidents happen. And sometimes this means major panels and parts will need to be replaced on your vehicle. When looking for replacement panels and parts, it’s important to choose genuine to give your Volkswagen the necessary stability and offer the best possible protection.

The body panels are manufactured with optimum sheet metal thickness, so there’s no cutting corners on quality. Volkswagen sets specific benchmarks for these panels which exceed relevant ISO standards – keeping you and your passengers safe.

Keep your Volkswagen 100% with genuine parts and panels.

Volkswagen mechanic filling vehicle with AdBlue.


AdBlue® is an environmentally friendly synthetic solution that consists of highly pure urea (32.5%) and demineralised water (67.5%). It helps selected Volkswagen TDI models comply with stringent environmental standards by cleaning the liquid that escapes exhaust pipes.

Passenger vehicles will typically consume approximately 1.5 litres of AdBlue per 1000km, though this depends on the driving style, the system’s operating temperature, and weather conditions. If your AdBlue reservoir is running low, a dash message will inform you that your vehicle will not run if the liquid is depleted. Be sure to get in touch with our Service team or drop-by when you’re next in town.

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