Get Set to Hit the Road This Summer

Just as you wouldn’t attempt a marathon in worn-out shoes or without proper hydration, your vehicle shouldn’t hit the road without being in peak condition. While the warm months beckon us to explore all that a New Zealand summer has to offer, the rising temperatures also bring potential driving hazards. While factors such as increased traffic are beyond our control, there are proactive measures we can take to ensure our safety on the road. This blog will delve into effective ways to maintain our cars, minimising risks and enhancing our overall safety during these summer adventures.

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Avoiding glare

Glare and impaired vision while driving is extremely dangerous. Windshields play an integral part in mitigating glare. Any marks on the windshield will amplify the glare from the sun or oncoming traffic.

  • Maintaining clear visibility is crucial for safe driving. Regularly clean both the inside and outside of your windshield, ensuring a pristine surface. Keep your washer fluid topped up and make certain your windshield wipers are in optimal condition.
  • Always have a spare pair of sunglasses readily available in your vehicle in case you forget your primary pair.

  • Cracks or even scratches from dust, sand, ice scrapers, etc., can diffuse light from the sun or oncoming traffic, check your windscreen regularly and promptly replace when required. Read about our genuine Volkswagen windscreens here.
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Keeping Cool

In hot weather, cars are susceptible to overheating, leading to issues with the cooling systems and a range of mechanical problems.

  • Regularly check and maintain oil levels. Consistent oil changes are essential as various components depend on the oil for vital lubrication and cooling properties.
  • Inspect the coolant level and quality, making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal engine performance.
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Tyre condition and maintenance

With good weather comes hot road surface temperatures. This can lead to increased tyre wear, reduced friction and blowouts not just on vehicles but trailers too.

  • Regularly check and maintain the recommended tyre pressure. Heat can cause tire pressure to increase, so it’s crucial to ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Rotate your tires regularly to ensure even wear. This helps distribute the impact of driving on different parts of the tire and extends their lifespan.
  • Ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tyre wear, especially on hot roads.
  • Periodically inspect your tyres for signs of wear, bulges, or other issues. Address any visible problems promptly.


With an influx of traffic on the roads over summer comes a greater protentional for accidents, decrease the risk by checking all lights are working.

  • Check your headlights, high beams, indicators, hazards, break lights, and reversing lights, ensuring all are angled correctly and the lenses are clean too.
  • If you’re towing a trailer, be sure to check the lights and connection as well.
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Although these tips may seem straightforward, their significance is frequently overlooked or dismissed despite their importance. Be sure to look over your car, not only for it’s mechanical integrity but for the safety of you and everyone else on the road. If you need any assistance, get in touch with the team.

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