Your Volkswagen Charging Guide

Change is inevitable, and with the world seeking to be more environmentally friendly, people making a shift to cleaner and greener vehicle options, as well as the increasing number of EVs arriving to the market, it’s safe to say that we are stepping into the era of electric vehicles.

Not to mention the rising petrol prices, getting behind the wheel of an electric car may appeal for many kiwis more than ever given the savings on fuel costs. Plus, with the improved battery technologies as well as Clean Car Discount encompassing rebates on both new and used vehicles, it’s no doubt the EV market is heating up in New Zealand.

Volkswagen is on a mission to make stepping into the era of electric vehicles affordable and practical for everyone and aim for Kiwis to have access to emission-free transport by 2025. We showcase the new era of fully-electric and plug-in hybrid options coming soon from Volkswagen on this page.

If you’re considering going electric but are unsure and a little hesitant, we try to simplify everything you need to know, from charging, benefits of switching, to sustainability in this blog.

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