Volkswagen Lane Assist

Volkswagen Lane Assist Explained

Lane Assist is a feature found across selected Volkswagen and ŠKODA models. It can sense if you start to drift into another lane without using your indicator, and will help to steer and keep you in the correct lane with gentle steering correction and – after a period without human input – a visual and audible warning.

How it works

The active Lane Assist lane departure warning system helps to prevent drivers from unintentionally leaving the lane – detected through an advanced radar system – through a gentle steering intervention.

An indicator within the multi-function display (an icon of a road) identifies whether the system is currently active (green) or inactive (orange) while the whole system can be deactivated manually if preferred.

Volkswagen Lane Assist System Information

  • A camera on the interior rear view mirror scans the solid and dashed lane markings on the road.
  • Lane Assist continuously and gently intervenes when the vehicle unintentionally leaves the lane.
  • If the counter-steering force is not sufficient to keep the vehicle in the lane, the driver is also warned by the steering wheel vibrating.
  • The system does not react when the indicator is activated before crossing the lane marking or when intentional steering behaviour is identified.
  • The driver can override the Lane Assist at any time with little effort.
  • Lane Assist also functions when only one lane marking is visible, for example in fog or at night.
  • The system detects when the driver takes his hands off the steering wheel for approximately 8 to 10 seconds. An acoustic warning sound and a visual prompt is displayed in the instrument cluster, alerting the driver to regain control. After a delay, the system deactivates.


  • Prevents drivers from unintentionally leaving the lane.
  • Prevents accidents resulting from momentary inattentiveness.
  • Continuous lane monitoring reduces the stress on the driver even in darkness and allows more relaxed and safer driving.