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Car Battery Coding

Car Battery Coding and Registration: How & Why?

New car batteries should be coded for your vehicle when replacing an old battery. Here's some advice on why a car battery needs coding.
Red Volkswagen Passat in the snow with a man holding skis walking towards it.

Roof Rack Buyers Guide – Winter Edition

We're here to help you find the right roof racks for your winter activities and break down what's important to keep in mind when shopping.

Genuine Towbars – Are They Worth It?

Find out why you should order a genuine towbar for your Volkswagen and ŠKODA, and not skimp on an aftermarket version.

Not all towbars are created equal.

Your guide to towbar options for your new Volkswagen or ŠKODA.
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Queenstown Road Trip with Thule Accessories

Our ŠKODA Brand Manager Tim ten Hove was lucky enough to drive an Octavia Scout to Queenstown recently and of course we loaded it with Thule accessories for him to be able to fit all the necessary luggage that comes with a winter ski trip! How did it go?
Volkswagen Polo in Energetic Orange

Benefits of Genuine Timing (Cam) Belts

Cam belts, or more accurately timing belts, are typically made of a solid material which reliably transfers your engine's power from a crankshaft to a camshaft, causing your engine's valves to open and close. A fuel/air mixture then enters a combustion chamber, combusts, and drives the pistons.
Fake Parts

AADA Warns ‘Fake Parts are Getting Worse’

This latest article from GoAuto News has an important warning for car owners requiring repairs to their vehicles.