Christchurch Marathon 2023

Frontrunner Christchurch Marathon 2023

We are immensely proud to have supported the iconic Christchurch Marathon, which took place on the 16th of April this year. Our team was honoured to have provided them with a vehicle to use prior to the event and lead the pack on the big day. Supporting such a significant event in the local community was a great privilege and an exciting opportunity for us.

Even though the 2022 event had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 restrictions in New Zealand, the wait for this year’s marathon was worth it. The 2023 event was a new-look affair that offered fast racing and boasted the biggest field in five years. Held on a new central route, this year’s marathon was more scenic, safer, and faster than ever before, which was well-received, and provided an incredible experience for all those involved.

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the participants who took part in this year’s marathon. We recognise the incredible amount of courage, dedication, and hard work it takes to complete such a challenging physical feat, and we applaud everyone who took part.

We are grateful to have played a part in this year’s marathon and extend our gratitude to the organisers for allowing us to support this incredible event. We are committed to continuing our support of this iconic event and to fostering our partnership with Christchurch Marathon.

Top view of Christchurch Marathon 2023
Christchurch Marathon 2023

“Much like Christchurch itself, this event has been through some tough times. But this year we threw everything we had at it, with a new course, new venue and new sponsor in The Frontrunner. And it really paid off. But as much as we refused to let the Christchurch Marathon die, when more than 4000 people turn out in support of what you’re trying to achieve you have to say that really it’s a case of Christchurch refused to let its marathon die.”

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