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Six driving scenarios where IQ.DRIVE Safety Systems come in handy

No matter how careful or focussed you are when driving, things can happen – like a sudden obstacle or vehicles in your blind spots. Discover the latest in Volkswagen Active Safety Systems, the IQ.DRIVE.

IQ.DRIVE is our range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), designed to help you navigate the road ahead with enhanced safety. From in-town rides to highway drives, IQ.DRIVE helps keep your mind at ease no matter the destination.

Here are six real-world scenarios you might encounter when driving, and how IQ.DRIVE can come in handy.

1. If you lose focus or concentration on the road

Fatigue can occur during long highway trips, making it harder to maintain focus and concentration. IQ.DRIVE Travel Assist includes technology designed to make highway driving more comfortable. You can activate Travel Assist, and with both hands on the steering wheel, it can keep your vehicle centered in its lane, and help maintain a preset distance from the vehicle ahead. Travel Assist can also assist with slowing down, speeding up, and other semi-autonomous driving capabilities. *Note that Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) must be engaged for Travel Assist to function.

IQ. Drive Travel Assist

2. If your vehicle starts to drift into another lane

Even if you’re not using Travel Assist, IQ.DRIVE Lane Assist can detect an unintentional lane change. This means if you begin to drift your vehicle and haven’t turned on your signal, the system will warn you and counter steer when activated to keep you in lane as long as there are lane markings present.

IQ.DRIVE Lane Assist

3. If there’s a vehicle in your blind spot

We’re all guilty of forgetting to check our blind spot once or twice before. Should you attempt to make a lane change while a vehicle is in your blind spot, IQ.DRIVE Active Blind Spot Monitor can assist you by alerting you and if necessary, counter steers to keep you in lane.

IQ.DRIVE Active Blind Spot Monitor

4. If there’s potential danger of collision with the vehicle ahead

IQ.DRIVE Front Assist helps monitor traffic and can alert you to a potential rear-end collision with the vehicle in front of you. It can also increase brake pressure or automatically apply the brakes.

IQ.DRIVE Front Assist

5. If you’re backing up and there’s a vehicle or pedestrian crossing behind you

Say you’re backing out of a narrow driveway onto a busy street, or from a busy car park, and obstacles such as walls or other parked cars are preventing you from getting a clear view of your surroundings, IQ.DRIVE Rear Traffic Alert engages sensors that can alert you to vehicles or pedestrians crossing behind you and can even help brake if necessary.

IQ.DRIVE Rear Assist

6. If you’re at the wheel and become unable to drive

IQ.DRIVE also can monitor steering wheel activity and can send a series of audio and visual alerts if it detects that your hands are not on the wheel, and you are not actively operating the vehicle. If you don’t respond to these alerts, your vehicle will stop itself to avoid a collision.


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