What Does This Light Mean? Tyre Pressure Too Low

It can be unnerving to see a new light flash up on your vehicle’s dashboard. Sometimes, the light warns you of imminent danger ahead while other times the light is a reminder to perform a quick fix to rectify the problem. Luckily, the tyre pressure too low light, as exemplified above, is a quick and easy fix.

The purpose of this light is to alert the driver when – you guessed it – the tyre pressure is too low, causing unsafe driving conditions. When the light illuminates, the tyre pressures need to be checked and inflated, preferably soon. The risk of leaving your tyres underinflated can be expensive and dire – from quicker tyre wear to possible tyre failure, this simple fix is worth taking care quickly!

Underinflated tyres can cause slow tyre response, decreased fuel economy, and premature wear on both sides, causing the dreaded “shoulder” wearing on both edges – costly to repair, as new tyres will likely be necessary.

If your light comes on – and stays on – it’s an indication that at least one of your tyres is at a low-pressure level. Keep in mind that fluctuating temperatures can cause the light to go on and off intermittently, so pay attention to the light’s duration.

What Should You Do?

Simple – inflate the tyre based on the manufacturer’s recommendations! Most petrol stations have stations to allow you to fill your tyres yourself.

If you feel your vehicle is ready for a service or are concerned about the damage caused by underinflated tyres, book in a service with our team today.

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