Volkswagen Pollen Filters

The road ahead holds exciting adventures—but the air above it is typically filled with dust, pollen, dirt, and debris. And if your pollen filters aren’t functioning properly, those pollutants end up in your vehicle’s interior, causing fogged windows, odors, and bacteria buildup. They can also contribute to accidents, as even a single sneeze results in a few moments of “blind” driving.

OK, what is a pollen filter?

Not to be confused with your engine’s air filters, a pollen filter helps to protect your vehicle’s interior by filtering any air flowing into the vehicle through the air vents.

Trapping particles such as pollen, dust, bacteria, and exhaust gases that may try to find their way into a vehicle’s ventilation system (particularly from all the construction sites around Christchurch), a pollen filter helps to make your car an altogether healthier place.

Do I need to change my pollen filter?

Along with recommendations from various vehicle distributors and New Zealand Allergy and Asthma Society to replace pollen filters every year, there are a number of benefits to be gained from regularly replacing your vehicle’s pollen filter.

A pollen filter in optimal condition will:

  • ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air in the vehicle interior
  • protect passengers from dust particles, pollen, and other irritants, and
  • ease allergy symptoms such as runny eyes and noses, and sneezing, consequently enhancing traffic safety
  • reduce the likelihood of driver fatigue that can be caused by dust particles and microorganisms inside the vehicle
  • minimise odours and gaseous pollutants entering the vehicle
  • keep your car’s interior cleaner

If the pollen filter is clogged, it’s not in optimal condition and the air inside your car will contain more dust, soot, and microorganisms. A clogged filter also allows dirt particles to reach your vehicle’s air conditioning unit which can have a negative impact on its operations and performance.

Genuine Volkswagen & ŠKODA Pollen Filters:

  • Are engineered to filter out 99% of particles down to 0.5 microns
  • Help ensure fresher air within the cabin, regardless of season or geographic location
  • Help protect your vehicle’s air conditioning unit
  • Help you keep your eyes on the road—and see it more clearly through your windshield

Check your pollen filters if you notice odd odours or the window and windshield interiors appear unclean.

If you’d like to replace your pollen filter, be sure to book an appointment with our team, or mention your pollen filter with your next service booking.