Volkswagen ID.4 charging outside a New Zealand home from an Evnex wall charger

Introducing Evnex: The Volkswagen Approved EV Home Charging Partner

We’re thrilled to announce Volkswagen’s newest partnership with Christchurch-based, New Zealand company Evnex as their approved home charging partner in New Zealand.

Evnex provides state-of-art charging solutions which are both affordable for its customers and better for the planet.

Since 2012, Evnex team has worked diligently to design, build, and install EV chargers. Their products are renowned for being fast, intelligent, and reliable, servicing customers located nationwide with certified installers around Zealand.

Evnex E2 Wall Charger

Meet the E2

Volkswagen’s choice for EV charging at home.

Installed from $2,295 and made in New Zealand.

The Evnex E2 charges your EV fast (up to 40km of range per hour) while actively monitoring your home’s total energy use.

Other key specifications include:

  • 7.4kW, 32A single phase charge
  • Four colour options – Volcanic, Stone, Snow, and Sand
  • Smart Connectivity
  • 5m tethered cable (Type 2 or Type 1)
  • IP Rating of IP55 indoor/outdoor
  • Solar Export Diversion
  • Carbon Emission Tracking
  • Home Overload protection
  • Local Load Management
  • Cellular (free) or Wifi Connectivity
  • Dimensions: 286mm (h) x 185mm (w) x 66mm (d)

The Evnex Smartphone App

Envex provides a intuitive smartphone app that works seamlessly with an Envex smart home EV charger, allowing customers to:

  1. Start and stop a charging session
  2. Set a charging schedule
  3. Optimise charging schedule by matching it to their own fully customisable pricing schedule
  4. Track EV charging costs
  5. Adjust charging rate in real-time to avoid overloading home’s electrical supply
  6. Harness any solar power that they generate (if applicable) to charge their EV
Evnex Charging App

Explore Evnex

For more information on Evnex, please visit their website. If you have any questions about charging your Volkswagen, get in touch with our team today.

Ready to upgrade your home charging experience? Take the next step and order your Evnex EV home charger for your Volkswagen.

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