We’ve gone single-use plastic bottle free!

Next time you are in the dealership and one of our team asks us if you would like a bottle of water, you can take up the offer without the worry of yet another plastic bottle ending up in our oceans. As a dealership, we were astounded by the facts surrounding the impact that plastic bottles have on the environment and with climate change literally on our doorsteps, we decided it was now or never to make a change, and increase our Ecological Footprint.

To kick off our Environmental Initiative we’ve replaced our complimentary single-use plastic water bottles, with these fully recyclable glass ones – just a small change to show we’re doing our bit for the environment.

Some facts about plastic water bottle consumption

  • On average we use 168 plastic water bottles each per year.
  • We spend on average $588 on water bottles each year.
  • It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose, and can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose.
  • Approximately 78% of plastic bottles in New Zealand are not recycled
  • Approximately 1500 bottles end up in land fills and the ocean…every second
  • Plastic bottles are a petroleum product and use 151 billion litres of oil to produce each year. That’s enough to run 500,000 cars per year.
  • 2,500,000 tons of carbon dioxide is produced in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles each year

We hope to continue our Environmental Initiative by introducing other environmentally friendly procedures, so be sure to keep an eye out over on our Environment page for updates!

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