Discover Nine Handy Features in the New Amarok

The new Amarok sets a new benchmark for utes in the market, not just in performance but in its array of smart and convenient features. From towing heavy loads with ease to personalised safety configurations, this vehicle redefines practicality and comfort.

Let’s delve into nine handy features that make the Amarok a game-changer in the realm of utility vehicles, providing an all-encompassing driving experience that caters to every ute owner’s needs.

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a person standing next to a red Amarok Ute

1. Trailer Camera

The new Amarok comes with multiple assistance cameras, one of them being a trailer hitch camera, which shows you an overhead view of your towbar to make hitching your trailer easier.

2. Tow heavy loads with confidence

Towing heavier loads becomes a breeze with Amarok’s Trailer mode. Simply optimise the gearbox operation in the driver assistance systems by registering your trailer’s size, and your Amarok will acknowledge its presence behind you. Once registered, your blind spot sensors and drive assistance adjust to allow for added dimensions at the rear. Trailer width max. 2.5 m, Trailer length max. 10.1 m.

A front right side of an Amarok with a light on

3. Wing mirror heaters

Say goodbye to fogged-up side mirrors on cold/rainy days with this handy feature. Open your climate control on your touchscreen infotainment and select the rear window demister button. This will clear both your rear window and wing mirrors simultaneously.

A man in the driver's seat of a car using infontainment screen

4. Customised safety

Every driver is different. In the Amarok, you can explore your driver assistance functions in the main menu and adjust the responses of multiple systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear View Camera, and Lane Keep Assist to suit your driving preferences.

5. Up to six different driving modes

You can find six different driving modes in the Amarok, each suited for different driving conditions.

Choose your drive modes

Set as the default mode of your Amarok, this driving mode provides a balance between driving enjoyment, comfort, and safety for everyday driving situations.

All types of selectable 4WD can be selected in this mode, depending on the model equipment.

*All models

This mode is best used for fuel economy, which is ideal for extending the vehicle’s range. 4L is not available in Eco Mode.

*All models

This mode is best used in conditions where there is a layer of loose dirt on the ground or on slippery surfaces. In this mode, gear shift are optimised for safety and the vehicle’s response to the accelerator is reduced.

*All models

This mode is most useful when towing, as it optimises the operation of the gearbox. The gear shifts higher than usual engine speeds to minimise the shifting frequency. It also enables engine braking for all forward gears, aiding in slowing the vehicle on downhill slopes. All 4WD can be selected in this mode, including 4L at any speed.

*All models.

Designed for navigating challenging off-road conditions like mud, rough terrain, or uneven surfaces. In this mode, 4H is the default 4WD setting, and the rear locking differential is available at any speed. 2H and 4A (depending on model equipment) can’t be selected in this mode.

*PanAmericana & Adventura models

This mode is best used when driving on off-road, soft, dry sand, or deep snow. In this mode, 4H is the default 4WD setting, and the rear locking differential is available at any speed. 2H and 4A (depending on model equipment) can’t be selected in this mode.

*PanAmericana & Adventura models

amarok parked on hill overlooking lake

6.Hill start/descent

The new Amarok has systems in place designed to facilitate starting on inclines. It can detect when the vehicle is stationary and will hold it there for 2-3 seconds after you release the brake, giving you time to prepare to start driving.

The Amarok also ensures a smooth and controlled descent on downhill slopes, maintaining a consistent speed. The hill descent function operates actively between speeds of up to 36 km/h and passively up to 68 km/h, with speed controlled through steering wheel Adaptive Cruise Control on the steering wheel.

a person using infotainment in Amarok

7. Your individual key setup

Using the driver assistance features, you can customise your keys to have preset configurations. You can limit speed, manage audio settings, and impose restrictions. This ensures that when others use your car, like your kids or employees in company vehicles, specific limits and controls are in place.

8. Quick access to drive features

With a press of a button, the infotainment screen in your Amarok provides instant access to two essential driving assistance functions: Auto Hold and Auto Start/Stop. This feature allows you to engage or disengage these functions when you need to. Auto Hold ensures that your vehicle remains stationary until you engage the accelerator, while Auto Start/Stop turns your engine off when you come to a stop and re-starts when you move again.

A close-up of the Amarok's headlights

9. Light your way

LED IQ. Matrix headlights provide dynamic cornering illumination, adaptive front lighting, and dynamic light assist functions. The IQ.Light detects approaching vehicles and can deactivate specific light beams to prevent dazzling oncoming traffic. This enhances safety on the road and offers greater comfort during low-light driving situations.

Innovation meets functionality in the new Amarok, showcasing an impressive suite of features that elevate the driving experience. From advanced towing assistance to customisable safety settings and quick-access functionalities, this vehicle encapsulates versatility and user-centric design. With its commitment to enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency, the Amarok sets a new standard, promising a seamless journey for drivers across various terrains and driving conditions. Whether it’s the intelligent lighting system or the individualised key setups, the Amarok stands as a testament to Volkswagen’s dedication to innovation and driver-centric design.

*Please note that while care is taken to ensure all details displayed here are correct, specifications, pricing, imagery, and offers often change and information here may no longer be accurate. Images may also include overseas specification and/or optional accessories not included in the price or available in New Zealand. Content can also, of course, be subject to the occasional human error. For all current and correct details, please speak to our friendly and informative Sales Specialists. If you notice information that may be inaccurate, please don’t hesitate to let us know as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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