Traffic Jam Assist

Volkswagen Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist uses proven vehicle features such as ACC Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to allow easy and slow driving in traffic jams. Your vehicle will follow the vehicle ahead and automatically operate the accelerator and brakes within the limits of the system so the vehicle is kept in the lane.

How does it work?

This function is part of the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) Stop and Go system. By controlling the engine, brakes and steering. Traffic Jam Assist, makes the vehicle pull away, brake, and turn to copy the movement of the surrounding vehicles (at speeds of up to 60km/h).

While Adaptive (or ‘Radar’) Cruise Control can be found in a number of modern vehicles, it’s worth truly comparing features across vehicle makes. In some other brands, the Radar Cruise Control doesn’t operate at low speeds – sometimes less than 40kph – and so are ineffective on anything other than state highways.

How does it benefit you?

It makes the driver a lot more comfortable, since you don’t have to constantly accelerate, brake and steer while practically not moving during a traffic jam. Traffic Jam Assist takes care of this so you are able to relax.

It helps to avoid painful or uncomfortable feet (especially when wearing shoes with high heels) since you are able to keep your feet in their preferred position, and not on the brake pedal and accelerator.

Safer driving for the driver and passengers, especially if you are someone who can become easily frustrated during traffic jams.

*Features outlined above above apply to specific Volkswagen models, speak to our team for more details.

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