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Why Lands & Survey Have 13 Amaroks

“I was slightly put off thinking they would be too pricey but really there’s no difference with the other leading brands. But get behind the wheel and the difference is massive.”

Our Commercial Specialist, Anthony Johanson, has been working with the team at Lands & Survey to help them with their new fleet of five (Update: it’s now around 13 as at March 2017!) brand new Volkswagen Amaroks.

When we were first approached by Lands & Survey, we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity they’d given us. Lands & Survey have a great name. While many people think they’re a large government department, they’re actually a privately owned company, founded in 1974. In their words:

“Since then we have grown in both size and scope despite some turbulent economic times – a fact we attribute to our ability to adapt and innovate in the market. Lands and Survey now has head offices in Auckland, Whangarei and Christchurch, supported by satellite offices in Dargaville, Wellsford, Dunedin and Queenstown.”

Lands & Survey Amaroks

Son of one of the original co-founders and now leading the company, Jeremy Elrick couldn’t hold back his excitement when he took delivery of his new vehicles. Like many new ute buyers, Jeremy was slightly sceptical about the Volkswagen Amarok. He told us that he had the impression they were too pricey, but then compared with other leading brands – as well as reviewing the cost of ownership – and found there to be little difference. When it came to a test-drive, the true difference quickly became apparent. Nothing drives like the Amarok, and that’s what sold Jeremy on these impressive utes.

Jeremy kindly sent through the photos on this page of the Amaroks out in the field, doing what they do best.

Knowing that we were speaking to our Amarok owners to get their feedback, Anthony asked Jeremy one question:

Why did we choose the Amarok? Easy, I drove one! Initially I was slightly put off thinking they would be too pricey but really there’s no difference with the other leading brands. But get behind the wheel and the difference is massive.

I hear a lot of folk say they are ‘city’ 4×4’s, let me tell you that 90% of our work is rural based on farms and irrigation projects. Whilst I was unsure at the start I need not have been, I’ve always owned the other main contender and wouldn’t go back now! Oh, and yeah around town they go alright…!

– Jeremy Elrick, owner of Lands & Survey

While our team will happily wax lyrical about these vehicles, we know that we can easily come across as biased! That’s why we’re so thankful for people like Jeremy. Locals who have done their own research, often without our input, and come to a decision themselves. Questioning the trend for other popular brands, ignoring the marketing and the hype, and finding out for themselves that the Amarok isn’t just shortlist-worthy, it’s the best choice for a hard-working ute that doesn’t compromise when it comes to smooth riding and luxury features.

The Amaroks

Lands & Survey are running a combination of five Volkswagen Amarok 4WD Auto and Trendline 4WD Manuals. Each have genuine tow bars and wiring with the factory E-Kit; this enables the stability programme when towing.

The Amaroks are also equipped with Volkswagen-approved canopies from our friends at Beaut Utes, along with deck liners and genuine Volkswagen rubber floor mats.

Find out more

Interested to find out what you’re missing? View the Volkswagen range or check out the latest deals.

In the meantime, be sure to join Lands & Survey on Facebook or visit their website for more information on what makes them so successful.

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