Why choose a Volkswagen Transporter?

Volkswagen Transporter

Robust, reliable and well-proven vehicles.

Volkswagen know how to build commercial vehicles. The Transporter van has been one of the world’s best-selling vans for 60 years! Our robust pick-up, the Amarok, also shares much of the Transporter’s technology, like the fuel efficient high power turbo charged common rail diesel engines. Volkswagen vehicle electrics have been adapted from tried, tested and proven technology! It is ensured that circuits are robust enough for any situation but allowing for the right amount of integrated technology.

We haven’t re-invented the wheel, we just made it better.

Discover all of the design aspects of the Transporter and it soon becomes clear what happens when a vehicle is built from the ground-up to fit a purpose; from the load compartment designed to carry a full sized pallet, to the sturdy three-box body shell design which places the engine in front of the driver for maximum safety, to the comfortable ergonomic interior and everything in between.

7-speed automatic transmission and optional four wheel drive system.

Super-car technology in a van! The dual clutch 7-speed wet clutch (DSG) transmission is available in the Transporter, and is the only vehicle in its class with this option. It has shifting speeds faster than any other standard automatic transmission, seamless gear shifts, capable of the massive torque and load demands of a commercial vehicle. It also has Volkswagen’s renowned 4MOTION all-wheel drive system as an option.

Volkswagen Transporter 4MOTION

All this power is nothing without control; at the heart of the four wheel drive is a Haldex robust multi-plate wet clutch centre differential allowing car like maneuvering on hard surfaces to serious all wheel traction when driving off road. Hill hold electronics and load sensing ESP are standard on all models.

Power when and where you need it, plus unrivaled efficiency.

Twin turbo chargers and common rail injection technology ensure the Transporter has a massive 400Nm of torque and 120kW of power as an option, all from a 2.0L engine. Not bad, especially when compared to a 3.0L Hiace which has 300Nm/100kW respectively. The Transporter gives you the best of both worlds; a fuel saving 2.0L engine allowing you to drive more than 1,000km to a tank of fuel along with fuel consumption as low as 7.4L/100km, and the power of a 3.0L engine to take care of all the big jobs when required. We call it intelligent downsizing.

Volkswagen Transporter Interior

European safety and refinement.

The Transporter is built off a robust chassis and a three-box body design, a 4 Star ANCAP Safety Rating is awarded, with front airbags as standard, plus side airbags and rear passenger curtain airbags as an option.

After driving the Transporter for just a few kilometres it is apparent that you are driving a comfortable European vehicle.

Low running costs and total cost of ownership.

The Transporter has class leading flexi 40,000km/24 month service intervals and extended component replacement within those services, for example a fuel filter is replaced at 80,000km or the air filter at 120,000km. Also consider there is an option of a fixed priced genuine service plan as well, it all adds up to more money in your wallet over your vehicle’s lifetime. High residual resale values, low service costs and low fuel consumption all lead to the Transporter’s low total cost of ownership.

We build solutions, not just standard vehicles.

Not looking for another white box on wheels and need something special or purpose built with perhaps just a few small enhancements? The Transporter is built in Germany in a purpose-built factory. Every single van coming off the production line is different to the previous one. Every vehicle is produced is custom built for the customer or importer, with a truly massive array of factory options available; there is no such thing as a “standard Transporter”.

Whether you need a delivery van, Caravelle 9-seater passenger van, luxury 7 seat people mover Multivan to the California pop-top camper, Transporter does it all.

Image adds value.

Make a statement! The Transporter looks great even in basic form and can portray your individual style or a quality image for your business. A perfect mobile billboard! Quality products cost more to produce and purchase but are more affordable in the long run.

To find out more or view the Volkswagen Transporter, feel free to get in touch with our Commercial Specialist.

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