AADA Warns ‘Fake Parts are Getting Worse’

This latest article from GoAuto News has an important warning for car owners requiring repairs to their vehicles.

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA ) has warned dealers and repair centres that using counterfeit car parts in their customer’s cars can lead to expensive repair bills and even make the vehicles unsafe.

The recent seizure by authorities of hundreds of fake oil filters from a distributor is only the latest in a series of disturbing reports that indicates the supply of counterfeit car parts in Australia is becoming widespread, according to AADA CEO David Blackhall, who is urging car owners to take their vehicles to dealerships if they suspect fake parts have been fitted.

“Consumers who unknowingly have counterfeit parts fitted to their vehicles run the risk of significant repair bills and potentially unsafe vehicles,” he said.

“Motorists who have no knowledge that a counterfeit part is fitted to their vehicle are vulnerable as they could face significant maintenance and repair costs. Furthermore, as these parts are not fit for purpose, they could pose a safety risk.”

Fake Parts

Mr Blackhall said it can be very difficult to tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit parts.

“Reports that these parts have not only been supplied by distributors, but are being sold directly to consumers online are very concerning,” he said.

“I urge consumers who suspect their vehicle may have been fitted with a counterfeit part to bring their car into a dealership.

“Authorised dealers are well placed to check the authenticity of a part as they are an important link in a credible and robust supply chain in which parts are distributed directly from the manufacturer to the dealer.”

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