Volkswagen Touareg Dashboard

Welcome to the Touareg’s Innovision Cockpit

The all new Volkswagen Touareg features impressively intuitive technology.

Technology in our everyday lives is a far cry from fax machines, bulky phones, and less than intuitive handheld devices, so why should your vehicle’s control centre be any different?

The 2019 Volkswagen Touareg features the Innovision Cockpit – a dual screen information system that largely replaces dashboard and centre console buttons with touch screen technology. Intuitive and responsive like a modern-day smartphone, the 15 in (38 cm) screen in the middle of the vehicle’s front seat is angled towards the driver, allowing a real ‘pilot’ feel. The 12 in (30 cm) screen sits above the steering console and offers a wide range of customisable features to display, including navigation, cruise control, and audio functions. The screens are integrated with one another, producing a consistent digital landscape that offers the driver curated information.

Controls once littered around the driver’s console and steering column are now integrated right into the screen. Instead of fumbling to find the air conditioning or stealthily glancing at a phone for navigation prompts, the information is now angled at the driver, easy to see and understand. The Innovision Cockpit responds to touches, gestures, and voice, leaving hands free to focus on driving.

The features offered onscreen seem endless and operate similar to a smartphone, with swipe-able apps and an intuitive interface. Both screens are fully customisable, allowing the most used apps and settings to be easy accessible. Different drivers can set profiles as well, programming favourite settings to immediately adjust when the driver enters the vehicle.

The Innovision Cockpit features an inductive charging function for smartphones, ‘App Connect’ that allows control of smartphone apps straight to the screen, four USB ports, and a WLAN hotspot for up to eight devices. For full body comfort, the Innovision controls air conditioning, seat heating, ventilation, and massage. If that’s not enough, this new feature allows a ‘head-up display’ that virtually projects important information immediately in front of the driver on the windscreen.

Changing music, updating navigation, and taking phone calls has never been simpler, and safer.

Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen claims its the largest digital cockpit in its SUV class. Given the impressive display and minimalist design, the Innovision Cockpit is certainly the centerpiece of the vehicle. Volkswagen has not skimped on comfort and convenience with the new Touareg, and have really honed in on the user-friendliness of their system.

Want to see this impressive technology for yourself? Get in touch with our team to arrange a test drive or learn more about the Volkswagen Touareg here.

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