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Top Car Awards for ŠKODA & Volkswagen

ŠKODA and Volkswagen have cleaned up at the annual Stuff Top Cars awards, beating all other wagons, executive cars, utes, 7-seaters… and overall Top Car!

  • Top Car Awards for Volkswagen
    • Top Executive Car of 2017, Arteon,
    • Top Pick Up of 2017, Amarok

  • Top Car Awards for ŠKODA
    • Top Car & Top 7-Seater of 2017, Kodiaq,
    • Top Estate Car of 2017, Octavia
ŠKODA Kodiaq SUV in white

Top 7-Seater and Overall Top Car of 2017

What can we say about the ŠKODA Kodiaq? ŠKODA’s first SUV has taken the world by storm. Quickly being titled ‘Best Large SUV’ by What Car? in the UK, shortly following its launch, the Kodiaq soon became a very popular vehicle among car buyers here in New Zealand.

This 7-seater has already created some huge ŠKODA advocates, and we’re proud to say many of those are known to us right here at Miles Continental. Andrew has already customised his to create an awesome space for his loyal companion, and Sharon’s black Kodiaq with its sharp signwriting is a fantastic mobile billboard for Harcourts on the West Coast.

We couldn’t be more happy that the Kodiaq has now been recognised as both ‘Top 7-Seater’  – particularly given the high, luxury calibre of many of the other 7-seaters on the market – and overall ‘Top Car’ of 2017.

It’s the Czech brand’s first-ever seven-seat SUV and an outstanding effort. Award-winning, even. Very much a car for the times, of course: the Kiwi love affair with these types of high-riding vehicles seems to know no bounds.

But Kodiaq is so much more than that. The value for money throughout the range is astonishing.

– Stuff.co.nz

With so many impressive vehicles on the market today, we’re absolutely thrilled that the Kodiaq stands at the top of the pack!

Kodiaq Top Car of 2017 Award
ŠKODA Octavia Wagon in grey

Top Estate Car of 2017

The Octavia is one of the most popular vehicles in the ŠKODA range. As a wagon it has a huge amount of luggage space while retaining high driving performance, and as a ŠKODA it’s packed full of practical features that truly represent the ŠKODA mantra of ‘Simply Clever’. Choose the dependable Scout model if you like to head into the outdoors, or the exciting RS if you love discreet thrills without the price tag of its pricier competitors.

In whatever guise, Octavia remains a medium-sized estate car with seriously large carrying capability. The boot is a massive 610 litres, which is more than some large SUVs can muster. Fold the rear seats down and you have 1740 litres.

It’s supremely practical and unpretentious, but we also love to fact that Octavia is entertaining to drive no matter what model you choose.

– Stuff.co.nz

Our Octavia owners love them. Brad struggled to put words to how much he enjoyed driving his Octavia RS through Lewis Pass, and young Lochlan couldn’t bear the thought of his parents thinking about trading in their Octavia for an Audi (don’t worry, they went with another ŠKODA).

Named Best Family Car 2016 (What Car?) and Best Family Car 2017 (Car Buyer UK), the Octavia now takes the title of Top Estate Car of 2017 right here in New Zealand.

Octavia Top Wagon Award 2017
Volkswagen Arteon in yellow

Top Executive Car of 2017

It’s only just arrived to the showroom, but the new Volkswagen Arteon has already stolen hearts. While appealing to those who would be interested in the Passat range, the Arteon still manages to add a whole new dimension to the range. It’s a vehicle that you’re not going to see a large number of on New Zealand roads, and that’s something that only adds to the appeal for its owners.

It’s a luxury, executive car that punches well above its weight. Perfect for professionals who want to drive a luxury vehicle without ‘showing off’ like many of its competitors. It’s style without the stigma, and that’s one of the reasons it’s been named Top Executive Car of 2017.

What seals the deal is that Arteon offers all of this for $74,990, which is really the entry point for a four-cylinder BMW 3-series or Mercedes-Benz C-class.

Fine cars both, but when you’re shopping for executive metal at this price point, the Arteon is a pretty compelling proposition: it’s specified like a high-end machine, it’s larger than those compact-executive mainstays and it’s likely to be a rarer sight on the road.

– Stuff.co.nz

We’re thrilled to have the Arteon in our line-up and look forward to sharing its desirability with those who have carried out their research and really understand what makes the Arteon the top of the ‘executive car’ pack.

Arteon Top Executive Car Award 2017
Volkswagen Amarok V6 in white

Top Pick Up of 2017

Speak to anyone in Christchurch now about the ‘ute war’ that is currently raging between automotive brands, and it’s likely that the Amarok won’t be mentioned. We often see guests to our showroom that have preconceived opinions about the ‘best ute’ available in New Zealand, and we thrive on the opportunity to introduce them to the Amarok. For those that are keen to listen, it’s practically a guarantee that the Amarok changes their opinion.

We live for that challenge and are always happy to step up to it! There’s huge satisfaction in ‘converting’ a ute buyer, and then meeting them again for their Amarok’s first service. By that time, they’ll be a hardened Amarok fan, ready to fight on the Amarok’s behalf for anyone who asks! In fact, many local business owners have shared their opinions with us. You can read a few of those here, as well as Jeremy of Lands & Survey who has since arranged 10 Amaroks (and counting) for his team!

The new V6 version of Volkswagen’s Amarok is surely the new king of the lifestyle pickup trucks… dominates with torque and technology.

It carries a big pricetag too, starting at $69,990. Or does it? The $60k bracket is where you’ll find high-end pickup trucks like the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and Holden Colorado Z71. So the Amarok is very much a vehicle for the times… just with a long list of pub-boast specifications.

It’s pretty brisk for a truck: the V6 Amarok will sprint to 100kmh in 7.9 seconds. But more importantly, it has serious muscle, with peak torque delivered at just 1400rpm.

– Stuff.co.nz

If you’re in the market for a new ute and keen to go for something a little special, don’t make up your mind unless you’ve visited us first to check out the Volkswagen Amarok.

Amarok Top Pick Up Award 2017

All up, an incredible result for both ŠKODA and Volkswagen and, if it’s not too boastful of us, one that we were quietly confident of having spoken to owners of these four vehicles who just can’t stop raving about their experience with their new cars!

Evnex E2 Wall Charger
Robotron's signwritten Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace provided by Miles Continental.
Volkswagen Golf GTI with BBWock license plate and Chewbaca bear sitting on the bonnet.
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