Your Car’s Hidden Wallet Pocket

Did you know that your vehicle may have a hidden pocket? OK, so here’s the backstory to this one. Our Marketing Manager, Mark, put his wallet in the door pocket of his Volkswagen Tiguan and drove home. On arriving, he realised he’d lost his wallet. Couldn’t find it anywhere. He was sure he’d put it in the door pocket but every time he checked he couldn’t feel anything in there.

Finally, on the fourth return to the door pocket, he stretched his hand back further and realised there was a hidden pocket right towards the locking end of the door. It’s the perfect size for a wallet and is hard to find unless you know it’s there… and also when your wallet slides back into it! Probably not something you’d find in a vehicle’s brochure, or perhaps even its manual (feel free to prove us wrong) but a very handy feature to have.

ŠKODA & Volkswagen Hidden Wallet Pocket

Most new Volkswagens and ŠKODAs have this hidden pocket, such as Mark’s Tiguan and the ŠKODA Karoq shown above. Owners – check your vehicles to see if you have one!

Volkswagen ID.5 plugged in a charging station with woman in a yellow suit walking towards it
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  1. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    My VW Golf has an auto credit card (or other plastic card) holder also. I placed a couple of cards on the closed lid over coffee cup holder. Got to destination and no cards. They had slid into the tiny slot behind and were impossible to remove. The good folks at VW Timaru came to the rescue!

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