New Apply CarPlay Home Screen

The New Apple CarPlay with iOS 13

Mark Lincoln, Miles Continental Marketing Manager

Apple iPhone users now have the option to update their software to iOS 13. Along with various updates – view Apple’s full list here – the new iOS comes with an all-new Apple CarPlay system.

Along with a smart new home screen/dashboard, a few features I particularly liked are:

  • New Calendar app integration showing upcoming appointments
  • A much better way to navigate Podcasts (and music), allowing you to see much more of the titles
  • New integration with Apple Maps that allows you to access your ‘Collections’ of map locations
  • ‘An app open on iPhone doesn’t affect what is open on the CarPlay screen, so passengers can pick a song on the device while the driver can keep looking at maps’

There are also a few developments that will give car manufacturers the freedom to get even more out of the system, so it’ll be interesting to see what Volkswagen and ŠKODA come up with next.

I took a few screenshots this morning so you can have a look at some of the new features for yourself.

Note: All of these were taken on the ŠKODA Kodiaq ‘Style’ touchscreen with its high-definition Apple CarPlay display via Smartlink+. This may vary in other vehicles and model variants. Screenshots also taken in dark mode.

Apple CarPlay Maps

Map view with recent destinations, plus a ‘Collections’ folder with pre-made lists.

Apple CarPlay Podcast List

Apple CarPlay’s Podcast list is easier to navigate, and it’s much easier to read titles.

Apple CarPlay Podcasts

The Podcast screen itself is, again, easier to read, allowing much more space for the title.

Apple CarPlay Calendar Appointments

The home screen shows your next Calendar appointment. Tap that to view a list of all upcoming appointments. Tap an appointment to view details plus buttons to call other attendees or get directions to meeting venues.

New Apple CarPlay Light Mode

For comparison, here’s a screenshot from the Kodiaq Ambition’s slightly smaller screen. 

If you haven’t experience Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto yet, be sure to drop by the showroom. We’d be happy to walk you through it.

Volkswagen T-Cross
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