Volkswagen Park Assist (Automatic Parking)

Volkswagen Park Assist

Now standard equipment right across the new Tiguan range, Volkswagen’s Park Assist is a system that automatically parks your car, whether parallel parking or reverse 90 degree parking.

Incorporating automatic steering control, parking sensors, and Volkswagen’s advanced reverse camera, Park Assist is so easy and convenient to use that even veteran drivers will find themselves switching to it!

To demonstrate, Mark and Ash headed out in Christchurch with the new Tiguan (this one’s the ‘entry level’ TSI 2WD model at $41,990 plus ORC) and a camera to snap some footage.

Check out the video or, if you have any questions or would like a demonstration in person, please do contact our team.

How it works

The available Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist) can judge if a parking spot is big enough for your Volkswagen or ŠKODA model. Then it will help steer the vehicle into the space. You operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter; it does the rest.The Park Assist system automatically steers the vehicle into both parallel and bay parking spaces, and also steers the vehicle out of parallel parking spaces. The system also includes ParkPilot.

System Information

  • The system is activated using a button.
  • The driver drives at a maximum of 40 km/h and at a distance of between 0.5 and 1.5 metres from the kerb.
  • Using ultrasonic sensors, the system locates parking spaces on the side of the road as the vehicle drives by.
  • Parking spaces on corners, between trees, and on the footpath are also identified.
  • When driving down a one way street, both sides of the road are searched for suitable parking spaces.
  • By turning on the indicator, the driver signals which side of the road they wish to park.
  • Parking spaces selected by the system will be a minimum of 0.8 metres longer (for parallel parking) and 0.7 metres wider (for bay parking) than the vehicle.
  • A corresponding message is shown on the multi-function display when a suitable parking space is identified.
  • The driver is piloted into the correct starting position, and then prompted to put the vehicle in reverse.
  • Once the vehicle has been put into reverse, the automatic steering activates and a corresponding message is displayed on the vehicle’s multi-function display.
  • The driver then needs to accelerate slightly.
  • At the end of the reversing manoeuvre, the system provides an acoustic signal, as well as an optical signal depending on the vehicle’s equipment.
  • The multi-function display prompts the driver to move the vehicle forward a short distance, and if neccessary, reverse slightly in order to correct the parking position.
  • Multi-stage, automatic manoeuvring out of parallel parking spaces is possible where these are 0.5 metres longer than the vehicle.
  • The system can also complete parallel parking manoeuvres begun by the driver when bay parking.


  • The system supports the driver by automatically initiating the optimum steering wheel movements.
  • Park Assist noticeably simplifies manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces, especially for inexperienced drivers
  • The system ensures the that vehicle is optimally parked so that it does not protrude onto the road or too far onto the footpath.
  • If the driver has manoeuvred the vehicle into a difficult position when bay parking, they can let Park Assist complete the parking manoeuvre.

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