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How To Get Your Vehicle Summer Roadie Ready

A summer road trip is all the rage this year, so make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape to hit the road.

Stack of black tyres


Tyres are an essential part in getting you from point a to b, if they aren’t in proper condition, you won’t be going very far. We suggest checking tyre pressure – including the spare – before you head out, and adding the recommended air if needed. It’s also important to note that higher temperatures can increase the risk of blowout, so give your tyres a tread test to make sure they’re in good shape.


Pull your vehicle into your driveway and do a quick light check. Are your headlights, taillights, brakelights, and turn signals working? With more traffic on the road, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking every precaution of safety. Check that your headlights are angled correctly and your lenses are clean, too. If you’re planning on towing a trailer, now’s a good time to check the connection and make sure those lights work properly, too.

Cooling System

New Zealand’s roads are notoriously difficult in the best of conditions, and with higher temperatures, the possibilities of overheating are high. If your cooling system is faulty you may be close to a major mishap in the middle of your road trip. Check-in with a professional (we know a good one) to make sure your system is up for the Crown Range or Takaka Hill.

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Vision is important, there’s no arguing that. You’ll want to make sure your mirrors, windscreen, and windows are clear before you head out. Check that there aren’t any chips on your windscreen, as these can worsen with driving. Don’t forget to clean your wiper blades, or replace them if you need to. Now’s also a great time to check the windscreen washer fluid! 

Emergency Kit

If you don’t have a vehicle emergency kit, buy one or make your ownInclude jumper cables, a first-aid kit, basic tools, flashlight, and an AA card, should you be a member.

Male technician with safety goggles assessing a vehicle undercarriage up on a hoist.


If you’re nearing a service, book it in before your trip. Checking the engine oil level and giving your vehicle a comprehensive run through before you go will give you peace of mind. Most service centres (including ours!) book out close to the holidays, so be sure to get in early. Book here now.

No matter how prepared you are, accidents and breakdowns can happen. However, taking the time to get your vehicle road trip ready will pay dividends on your sanity during your summer roadie, and may even help your road trip run smoothly! If you’d like to get a proper service, book in with our friendly and professional team here.

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