Volkswagen Amarok V6 in white

Why would you buy a Volkswagen Amarok?

There are a number of excellent utes on the market in New Zealand. Our Commercial Specialist, Anthony Johanson, explains why the Amarok is the best of the bunch.

The Volkswagen Amarok has won a number of awards, both in New Zealand and throughout the world. Some more notable awards include:

Of course, as a Volkswagen dealership, it would be easy to assume that we’re biased towards the Volkswagen Amarok. But, as you can see from the above awards and in the below video with New Zealand 4WD expert, Pete Ritchie, the signs really do point towards the Volkswagen Amarok.

That aside, our own Volkswagen Commercial Specialist, Anthony Johanson, has put together the following guide on exactly why we think the Amarok is the best ute on the market right now.

Robust, reliable and well proven vehicles

Volkswagen know how to build commercial vehicles. The Transporter van has been one of the world’s best selling vans for 60 years! The Amarok shares much of the Transporters technology, like their fuel efficient high power turbo charged common rail diesel engines. Their vehicle electrics have been adapted from one of our best selling passenger cars, the Polo! This ensures circuits are robust enough for any situation but allows for the right amount of integrated technology.

We haven’t re-invented the wheel, we just made it better

Discover all of the design aspects of the Amarok and it soon becomes clear what happens when a vehicle is built from the ground up, to fit a purpose. From the load assist spring in the lockable tailgate, heavy duty leaf springs mounted to the outside of the chassis to the comfortable ergonomic interior and everything in between, the advantages are too many to list on one page.

Amarok V6
Volkswagen Amarok Interior

8-Speed automatic, permanent four wheel drive system

Our friends at Audi and Volkswagen have gifted the Amarok one of its greatest assets, the 8-Speed ZF automatic transmission. With its shifting speeds as fast as most dual clutch (DSG) transmissions and a torque multiplying lock-up convertor, the Amarok has the best of both worlds. It also has massive pulling power with low speed vehicle control and features fuel saving during high speed open road driving. All this power is nothing without control, at the heart of the four wheel drive is a Torsen robust mechanical centre differential allowing car like manoeuvring on hard surfaces to serious all wheel traction when driving off road. Off road electronics are standard on all models.

Power when and where you need it with unrivalled efficiency

Twin turbo chargers and common rail injection technology ensure the Amarok has a massive 420Nm of torque and 132kW of power, all from a 2.0 litre engine. Not bad! Amarok gets more power on the ground, more often. And Amarok now gives you the best of both worlds, our proven bi-turbo 2.0L engine or a class leading 3.0L V6 diesel producing 165kW and 550Nm which will propel the Amarok to 100kph in 7.9 seconds with a factory boost to 180kW. That’s only 1 second slower that a Golf GTI!

European safety and refinement

Amarok is built off a robust chassis and body, a 5 star ANACP safety rating is awarded with front and side air bags, where would you rather be if the worst case happened? After driving the Amarok for just a few kilometres it is soon apparent you a driving a comfortable European vehicle. A world away from what New Zealanders have been used to.

Low running costs and total cost of ownership

With class leading 20,000km/12month service intervals and extended component replacement within those services; for example a fuel filter is replaced at 80,000km or the air filter at 120,000km. Also consider there is an option of a fixed priced genuine service plan as well, it all adds up to more money in your wallet over the life of the Amarok. High residual re-sale values, low service costs and low fuel consumption all lead to the Amarok’s low total cost of ownership.

Image adds value

Make a statement! Either personal or for your business. The Amarok look great even in basic form and can portray your individual style or a quality image for your business. A perfect mobile billboard! The Volkswagen brand is associated with many positive aspects by the general public. Quality products cost more to produce and purchase but are more affordable in the long run.

A closer look at the cost of owning an Amarok

It’s German, so it’s expensive to own. Right? No. Once you start looking into service life and component costs, its cost of ownership is much less than many of the ‘leading’ utes on the market right now.

A Service Plan is just $1,200 incl GST and covers 3 years or 80,000km (so up to 4 services given the Amarok’s 20,000km service interval).

Here are some of the figures:

  • Item
  • Air Filter
  • Pollen Filter
  • Diesel Filter
  • Cost
  • $64
  • $50
  • $69
  • Replacement Interval
  • 120,000km
  • 60,000km or 2 Years
  • 80,000km

Here’s something else you may not find in the brochure and will surprise owners of older utes and trucks; the differentials and gearbox fluids are ‘life-time filled‘. They’re set to the right levels at the factory and then sealed of for life so do not require maintenance, replacing, or topping-up under normal circumstances.

Need more convincing? Don’t take our word for it…

Check out these reviews from local businesses. These are Cantabrians who have done the research for themselves and have chosen Amarok.

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