A Review of the Amarok by NZ Outdoor Hunting

NZ Outdoor Magazine’s Journalist, Per Jacobsen, recently purchased a Volkswagen Amarok 4WD Trendline TDI from Miles Continental and decided to put it to the test among the Southern Alps of New Zealand. He returned from his trip with plenty to say about the Amarok.

Debra at NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine has kindly given us permission to share the review.

NZ Outdoor Hunting Amarok

Per has taken the time to comment on the many features of the Volkswagen Amarok, describing how the engine works and how the vehicle handles in the high country of New Zealand.

“When driving the Amarok up steep inclines I can really feel the computer doing the work. It automatically transfers smoothly into low ratio with very little effort from the accelerator. It has given me a huge amount of confidence when tackling the boulders amidst the riverbeds in the high country where I just can’t phone for help. The twin-turbo is a delight on the open road when overtaking the vehicles in front. Tackling road cones in the daily grind I have found the engine to be almost superior to its use. It has a huge amount of grunt and is very reliable.”

“One thing that struck me, being a previous owner of a Safari Wagon with a 4.2 litre engine, is that I no longer need earmuffs when driving! At 100km/h, the engine’s rpm stands firm at 1,750 and inside the cabin the noise is virtually gone. The tyres are the creators of the noise on-road. The comfort in the cabin is great and resembles German quality. Generously equipped with grab handles throughout means that all of my passengers, including myself, always have something to hang on to when the going gets tough and the Amarok starts to roll. Even then the heavy-duty leaf springs mounted on the outside of the chassis makes the off-roading so much more enjoyable. The space in the cabin is very generous, in particular for the passengers sitting behind.”

“Driving and handling the Amarok in the mountains, on and off road tracks, through rivers and on the beach this vehicle gives me, the driver, a serious boost of confidence knowing it will take me above and beyond safely. Personally I think this will be a major player in the vehicle industry for lovers of the outdoors, farmers and tradespeople. I feel safe inside the cabin and most importantly I feel confident that my wife and child are safe as well. The Amarok has really re-defined how I drive on and off road.”

We’d like to thank Per Jacobsen and NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine for their great review on our Amarok and we wish Per all the best as he continues with his outdoors and hunting adventures in his Amarok.

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