ŠKODA Superb sedan in blue

Probably the Best Car in the World

Thanks to its position within Europe, a large population concentration and a thriving vehicle manufacturing industry, the UK and Ireland have had access to a very wide range – and ample supply – of vehicle models. With such a wide range of manufacturers to choose from and no single manufacturer having such a dominate control on the vehicle supply, brands like ŠKODA have had a real chance to shine. In fact, the Brits really love a ŠKODA.

In the UK ŠKODA held the most number of ‘Car of the Year’ titles in the most recent WhatCar? annual awards, and it’s very common to see ŠKODA vehicles on the road, even frequently used as emergency vehicles. Thankfully, New Zealand has finally caught onto what makes these vehicles so special, recognising ŠKODA models as multiple Car of the Year category winners via both Stuff Motoring and AA Motoring New Zealand in our most recent annual awards, with the Kodiaq even taking the overall win of Car of the Year.

Still, we can’t help sharing this video that we came across, a review of the ŠKODA Superb put together by popular motoring expert Bob Flavin.

The video is below, but for those in a busy office (or watching TV at home) with the sound off, here’s a few key words from Bob’s review:

Let me introduce to you – what I think – is probably the best car in the world. Actually… it’s probably the second best car in the world, and maybe the third best car in the world… but it’s all from the same company. And that may seem like a bit of a statement as actually one of my most recommended cars this year has been the ŠKODA Octavia…

… so why do I say it’s almost the best car in the world? It looks well… masses of room in the back seat… the boot is exceptional… upfront I have all the controls I ever want, a comfortable seating position… DSG box is exceptional… I’d struggle to think of another car, this size, that gives you the same value for money… Finding something about these mid-size saloons to talk about is often difficult because they’re all nearly as good as each other. Apart from this one. Because this one is superb.

Watch the Review

Red SKODA Karoq SUV on a beach with surfboards on top.
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