2018 Volkswagen Polo in orange at the launch

Behind-the-scenes at the Polo and Allspace Dealer Launch

As you can imagine, our sales team are often asked a lot of questions about Volkswagen vehicles by potential future owners. Of course, it’s expected that they know the answers to these questions. After all, they’re a team of Volkswagen specialists.

However, most car buyers are just looking at one vehicle; they’re generally comparing one brand with one or more competitor brands. There’s no real expectation that one brand’s salesperson would be able to talk just as intelligently about competitor vehicles as they would their own… but that’s where our team are different.

Note: Keen to find out more right now? Jump straight the new Polo and Tiguan Allspace.

Welcome sign for the Volkswagen dealer vehicle launch

Volkswagen often host dealer launch days ahead of a vehicle’s public release. Sales professionals – as well as service, parts and marketing staff – are invited from each dealership to a model’s launch. Unlike regular launches, these dealer launches also feature a large number of other brand vehicles that are close competitors to the Volkswagen model. i.e. all of the vehicles that a potential buyer may be considering and comparing to the Volkswagen model. The dealer staff are taken on a long public road route in a convoy, stopping at set points along the way to swap cars. By the end of the event, all attendees will not only have experienced the new Volkswagen model, but all of its key competitors, discussing their differences, advantages and disadvantages along the way.

The benefit for the car buyer is that they can have an intelligent conversation with a Volkswagen salesperson – not only about the Volkswagen model in front of them, but also about competitor vehicles that the buyer may have already test driven and have on their shortlist… and even other models that they may not have considered yet!

Ultimately, we ensure our Volkswagen Specialists aren’t ‘one-eyed’ when it comes to vehicles on the market today. The more we learn about our competitor’s products, the better equipped we are to talk to you about how we stack up against the competition, hopefully encouraging you to realise that the Volkswagen model is the best choice on the market, and one that truly won’t disappoint.

Line-up of small hatchbacks

Launching the Polo and Tiguan Allspace

On that note, you can imagine our excitement on launching not one, but two new Volkswagen models recently at a dealer launch at Ellerslie Racecourse. Not only were these two models an impressive feat in themselves – one demonstrating the best of what Volkswagen has to offer in a small package, the other Volkswagen’s first 7-seater SUV in New Zealand – but both of these vehicles are placed in the global ‘Top 10’ vehicles by sales in 2017 (Golf making the third of the three Volkswagen vehicles placing in the top 10). Two top 10 cars for us to experience at one event!

The New Volkswagen Polo

Day one saw us sit through a few workshops before taking part in a 2 hour convoy, with a combination of driving through Auckland traffic combined with the sweeping roads and stunning panorama north of the city. First up was the Volkswagen Polo and competitors in the small vehicle segment.

While we aimed to find advantages in each of the vehicles we took turns to drive and searched hard for negatives that customers might find in the Polo… we found this to be very hard. The new Polo is an incredible addition to the segment and – we genuinely believe – stands head and shoulders above the competition. There were certainly one or two other vehicles that we ‘liked’, but the Polo’s advanced features, great looks, and truly impressive build quality came together in a package that easily placed the Polo well ahead of its competitors. We just can’t wait to show you how.

Come to us with your questions and let us know what you like about other vehicles on your shortlist, and we’ll happily chat about how they compare with the all-new Polo.

Volkswagen Polo Launch
Test driving the Volkswagen Polo
2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace launch

The New 7-Seater Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

On the second day, we learnt about the new Tiguan Allspace; Volkswagen’s first 7-seater SUV in New Zealand. It’s hugely exciting for us to step into this market for the first time, and we were eager to put the car to the test and compare it with the – already well-established – competition.

We found some strong contenders in this category, and actually quite enjoyed some of the leading favourites in the 7-seater segment. Yet, again, and particularly when viewing the specs and discussing the benefits, the new Tiguan Allspace didn’t disappoint.

Put side-by-side with each competitor model, we found significant strengths in the Volkswagen product. Not just in terms of more personal tastes – such as styling and entertainment features – but in more technical specifications. Even in cases where the competitor vehicle featured more power, for example, the Allspace somehow managed to obtain a significantly higher tow rating (in some cases 2,500kg versus 1,500kg), most likely representing strengths in build quality, braking and safety systems.

Volkswagen Amarok lead car
Volkswagen Dealer Workshop

Core Areas Where the Volkswagen Shone

When comparing both the Polo and Tiguan Allspace, common factors stood out against the competitors. For us, those were largely:

  • Quality: finish, fitment, touch and feel of both exterior and interior features – from the feel of the dashboard trim to the comfort of the seats – were reassuringly ‘Volkswagen’. Quality build is what Volkswagen does best.
  • Styling: this is an area that is more reliant on personal tastes, and we certainly found some competitor vehicles that demonstrated appealing exterior design, and some that demonstrated appealing interior design… but we felt that only the Volkswagen featured exceptional design when it came to both the interior and exterior.
  • Media systems: We don’t know how the class-leading 8″ touchscreen with glass finish made its way into the small vehicle segment, but we’re so glad it did! The Polo’s media screen gave the feel of a top-spec luxury model in an entry-level small hatchback segment. It really looks the part, functions perfectly, and is positioned just right – slightly angled towards the driver and slightly tilted back for ease of tapping the buttons without bending your wrist too far back. App-Connect provides smartphone connectivity (via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, bringing advanced features and navigation to the base model Polo) and Active Info Display (digital, customisable dashboard) is even available as an option on the R-Line and GTI models. As expected, the media equipment is equally – if not more – impressive in the Tiguan Allspace.

But don’t take our word for it…

At the end of the day, while our team are now much better placed to talk to you about a much wider range of vehicles available on the market, we’d much prefer to provide you with exactly what you need to make the decision for yourself.

Find out more about the new Polo or Tiguan Allspace, or get in touch today for a chat. We’d love to speak to you about your next vehicle.

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