Volkswagen Trailer Assist

Volkswagen Trailer Assist

Disclaimer: Information on this page is correct at the time of publishing. Trailer Assist is not available on all models, please confirm with your Product Specialist at the time of enquiry. 

Manoeuvring with a trailer is often a great test of skill and patience and sometimes ends in frustration for the driver!

Volkswagen have come up with a clever solution to assist in solving this problem… Trailer Assist! When needing to reverse a trailer with a boat or caravan attached, all the driver needs to do is put the vehicle into reverse, press the Park Assist button and use the mirror adjustment buttons to enter the direction in which the trailer needs to follow. The vehicle will now steer automatically with the trailer on the back, however the driver is still responsible for gear-shifting, acceleration and braking.

The below video clearly demonstrates how exactly Trailer Assist works:

On the funny side… Volkswagen Norway put together the below video to demonstrate Volkswagen Trailer Assist!

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