Mk5 Silver Volkswagen Golf GTI parked front quarter

Verity’s love for Volkswagen

Local Volkswagen owner and enthusiast Verity initially caught our eye on social media with her beautiful Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R, shimmering holographically in the sun. Intrigued (who wouldn’t be), we quickly realised her passion for Volkswagen – the Golf in particular, and asked her to share with us where her love for the brand started. And just where does the Wookie name stem from?

Where it all began

Everyone has their first true love, the one that catches your eye and leaves the biggest impression. Dressed in silver with sleek black accents and splash of red, Verity’s first Mk5 GTI couldn’t have been a more standard GTI.

Volkswagen Mk5 GTI parked front quarter photographed in front of a sunset.

Verity’s Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTI / Sam Parsons Photography

That isn’t what made her special. Verity used this car to not just get from A-B, but to learn, experiment, and personalise. From tartan seats and being a Japanese import – with bumper to match, she changed everything. By the time she was finished with her journey, this car had a full leather interior conversion (working heated seats and all), Euro bumper conversion with colour matching paint, Mk6 GTI steering wheel, Mk6 GTI climate control, new head unit, new headliner, upgraded brakes, restored headlights, new tail lights, R-style LED lights, an ECU tune (APR Stage2 by HSP Tuning), and much more.

The best part though? This car earned a reputation of its own – Baby Wook, and ended up being known over and above Verity herself! However a chronic illness meant driving a manual was not only sometimes painful, but impossible. Sadly, after nearly five years of ownership she made the toughest decision to sell Baby Wook.

The ‘Silver Fireworks’ Mk6 R

It was at this point her DSG Mk6 R took the floor and although this car didn’t have quite as much personalisation, it was hard to miss. Wrapped in TechWraps “Silver Fireworks” by Addept Visuals from Evolve Auto Detailing, the Mk6 shifts from grey in the shade to a holographic symphony of colour in the sun. At a stock 199kW it also pushes hard, making summer drives feel rhythmic and exciting – a must-have for any AWD enthusiast!

Volkswagen DSG Mk6 Golf R wrapped in TechWraps Silver Fireworks parked in Akaroa.

Verity’s Volkswagen Golf Mk6 R

Return of the GTI

However, as hard as the R might try, she missed the feeling of a GTI. This saw Verity with her most recent addition, Baby Wook 2.0, a Mk7 GTI. Baby Wook 2.0 has a long list of enhancements and personalisations that Verity is looking forward to making, but it has already reignited her passion for GTIs.

Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI parked on grass front quarter.

Verity’s Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTI

The Mk4/5 R32 gets the endearing name “Wookie” from the 6-cylinder growl reminiscent of Chewbacca from Star Wars. The smaller 4-cylinder sibling, the GTI, is often referred to as a “Baby Wookie”. This fostered the name “Baby Wook” for my Mk5 GTI which has been passed onto my newer Mk7 GTI.

Thanks for sharing your passion for Volkswagen with us Verity, we look forward to seeing how you continue your journey with your new Golf GTI. You can follow Verity on her Instagram for the latest updates.

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We love seeing passionate Volkswagen customers out and about – and are excited to be able to share some through special features like these. Thanks again, Verity! 

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Volkswagen Golf GTI with BBWock license plate and Chewbaca bear sitting on the bonnet.
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